Comparison: Online vs. Offline

PC CADDIE distinguishes between online and offline systems:

Recommended for flexible systems with multiple ball machines, doors, vending machines, etc.Recommended for small systems where only 1-2 ball machines or doors can be connected.
Mandatory cabling or wireless connection to the PC CADDIE, and the corresponding equipment (converter, etc.). Consequence: the costs of networking are to be additionally calculated.The connection to the PC CADDIE is not needed. Consequence: automats can be installed even on hard to reach locations + Cost savings.
Software costs for the online automats' control. However, the hardware is cheaper, as there is no need for a Mini PC. The machine hardware is more expensive because of the additional mini-PCs.
Access or credit for guests can be made available with a PIN-Code. The guests can use the services they pay for after inputting an individually generated code. Additional guest cards are not needed. Additional guest cards are needed. PIN-Code can only be used for doors.
Control of automatically available discount and points systems (for example, by day, time or customer status, special points etc.)Simple point system possible (for example 1 point = 1 ball purchase)
Constant contact to the PC CADDIE system. The chip card is only used for identification. In case of loss, the credit is transferred to a new card.No direct contact with the PC CADDIE system. The chip card serves as a storage medium. In case of loss, the value would be lost under certain circumstances.
All card values and permissions are managed and stored online in the PC CADDIE system. No data loss.Top-up and charging data are stored on the Chip.
Time and date statistics on automats and credit usage can be created at any time, top-up and charging are carried out in real time in the PC CADDIE system. Card blocking is made in the system and is immediately valid on every online machine.Time and date statistics can be obtained from reading the memory chips of the card readers and importing the data into the local PC CADDIE system. Card blocking must be manually transmitted to every reader.
Real-time monitoring of systems: access, use of the ball machines, access right changes, functionality can be checked and changed immediatelyUser histories are determined by reading out the data. Functional readiness through local control.

Additional options


There is the possibility to operate both offline and online systems. This is particularly useful if you want, for example, to have online control over the main door reader, while the ball machine, not being connected to the network, is controlled offline.

:!: Automats where sales booking operations are performed cannot be combined in online/offline systems.

Offline radio system

The offline radio allows combining the advantages of the offline system (see above) with some characteristics of the online system.

Advantages over a purely offline system

  • Immediate registration of card usage in the database → always current card value in PC CADDIE.
  • Status display of the machine in Automats control window → Reasons for refusing the release of balls or the opening of a door are immediately seen (expired card, too little credit, no right to access this area), automats' failure quickly recognized.

Advantages over a purely online system

  • No high cost for cabling the automats locations.
  • The radio link used has a greater range than conventional wireless configurations.
  • Non-stop operation; even temporary interruption of the radio link or server failure pose no problems because this is a full offline system.

Please fell free to contact your PC CADDIE Support for an extensive consultation.

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