Translation of print text

You have the possibility to exchange some words with other words using the translation of print text.

;-) This can be very handy for list printing, for example. The club name „Golf & leisure activities in the beautiful Sonnenburg“ can be abbreviated to G&F Sonnenburg. Or you may want to change the heading of a list of persons on a particular occasion.

Application example

This option can be accessed via the menu item Setup/Program Options/Printing Translation. You can input here the desired translations:

In our example, we want to rename a list „Attendance“ to „Attending the General Assembly“. More examples are presented in the other lines.

  • Format: Original==New Text (same width) means that you can replace a text with another one having exactly the same number of characters as the original.
  • Format: Original=.New Text (variable width) means that the new text can have more or less characters than the original.

From „Attendance“…

…the title becomes „Attending the General Assembly“.

Another fast option for accessing the translation of print text is using the Translation button available in the print-preview.

If you want to use the translation only once for this list, you must remove the line after printing, otherwise the name of the attendance list will also be changed in the future. However, it may be that you want to use this translation more often - in this case you should save this setting with an appropriate name.


HINT: You can Save your translations and then Load them for further use. The files are created under Main data, in the Texts folder. Please do not change the default path.

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