PC CADDIE user interface configuration

You can locally customize the look of the PC CADDIE program via Setup/Program Options/Display font.

Font+ Size

The first tab allows you to configure the font and the size of the buttons:

HINT: The font size is set under the Basic settings. We particularly recommend that you check the Enlarged buttons for touchscreens box for POS computer with touch screens.
Confirm with OK.


Here you can individually adjust the colors for your PC CADDIE. We advise you use colors pleasing to the eye. Confirm your changes with OK .

Info desktop

Activate the PC CADDIE Info desktop by checking the box Activate Info desktop; confirm with OK.
The info desktop is deactivated by default for checkout stations. If you have admin rights for your PC CADDIE program you can make the Info desktop settings here: Password Management. You can choose between the following settings:


Please do not change these settings without consulting with the PC CADDIE Support team!

:!: You must restart PC CADDIE to apply your changes.

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