Template examples for scorecards, bag tags, receipts, caddy box plans, RFID media

Practical examples for different documents and media are available on this page

Score cards

Ccaddy box plans

Example layouts for smart cards and tags

The following images are a few examples of individually designed layouts for MIFARE Chip plastic cards and tags.

The offers for printing individual club layouts are based on the delivery of a professional layout with images, logo, font, colors, etc. All the necessary specifications and print data for forwarding to your graphics department and for creating a print-ready file can be found here: Print specifications PDF (only available in German) >>>

If you do not have your own club layout, PC CADDIE can create simple layouts for you.
The following design variants are available:Layouts PDF (only available in German)>>>

Chip cards in the PC CADDIE layout

Bank card format according to ISO 7810, one-sided 4-color printing

Key-chain in PC CADDIE Layout

Light and modern RFID epoxy tags, double-sided 4-color printing.

Chip cards in individual club layout

Bank card format according to ISO 7810, individual 4-color printing on both sides.

Chip cards in premium design

Example chip key pendant/ RFID tags Epoxy (WxH,30x30mm)

Light and modern on the keychain, individual 4-color printing on both sides.

Example chip key pendant / LOXXs Tags (WxHxD, 37x42x7,7mm)

Solid, compact and modern: the stainless steel frame makes the impact-resistant polycarbonate almost indestructible; protection class tested according to IP67. Double-sided 4-color printing

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