Automatic Handicap Changes

This is a feature from the days when you had the handicap published in the clubs using pin boards. This list is hardly used today.

The function Handicaps/Print…/Automatic Handicap Changes will list all automatic handicap changes (tournaments or annual handicap review) since the last printout.

  • This list used to be more relevant in older days for „last Friday“. Some of you might still remember this, and for the others it is not important. The list could be useful for traditional pin boards where the names have to be rearranged according to the handicap changes.
  • Once the list has been printed these are seen as „old changes“. So if you want to print them again you will have to select „Also old changes“ and narrow down the exact Date range. With Delete old changes you can permanently delete the older and already printed changes .
  • This deletion does not concern the record sheets, all entries will remain in there.

A list of automatic handicap changes looks like this:

Another more often used list function with more possibilities can be found at Handicap entries.

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