Handicap Record

The function Handicaps/Print…/Handicap Record is used to print several players' record sheets at once(for example, for all members). The Group of persons and the Order can be defined in the same way as all the other person print-functions. Start the printing process with the button Print (F8).

The button Edit prompts you to various setting options.

In our example the field From this date is empty and we have entered 10 Maximum number of lines. This will print the latest 10 entries of a record sheet, no matter if a player has joined any tournaments or not (for example, during the last year).

The displayed account area is the same account area that has been set for the Intranet synchronization. So please do not change these settings unless you have a very important reason for doing this. It is recommended that you discuss any adjustments with the PC CADDIE Support team.

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