Rookie of the year

Via the function Handicaps/Rookie of the year PC CADDIE offers the possibility to evaluate the handicaps. The number of handicap improvements of a year can be determined in total numbers and percentage-wise; the person filters as well as the handicap settings are freely definable.

Various parameters allows you to define the specifics of your analyses:

  • The parameter Year defines the year that shall be analyzed.
  • Only these persons offers a freely definable person filter.
  • In HCP(Start of the year) you can set the desired handicap category.
  • The Number prizes sets the amount of results to be shown.
  • Sorting enables to sort by absolute numbers or percentage-wise.
  • If you check the Only changes? box, you will print only the players with handicap changes.
  • The special parameter SHOW_FIRSTENTRY makes sure that start off entries will be considered. If it isn't checked, these entries will only be analyzed when they are committee entries and sweepstakes results.

:!: The difference between Rookie of the year and the Handicap Year Results is that the player of the year can only be the winner of the entered handicap category. His increase will therefore be honored in the category he started off at the beginning of the year.

In our example with the player Mirko Kurze, you can see that he won the rookie of the year in the handicap category 37 to 54. His handicap at the end of the year is 15.4. This doesn't have any influence for the prize category 0 to 36.

:!: The difference in % is calculated as follows:

Difference / Beginning handicap * 100 = difference in %

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