Voucher administration

General information

  1. Please clarify with your tax accountant at which VAT rate you should book all the voucher before you create new articles - 0% or 19% (0% or 8% for Switzerland) are possible options. It is important to consider that the article for sale and the article for payment have the same VAT rate.
  2. PC CADDIE manages the voucher administration per account category. It is not possible to cash-in vouchers overlapping these account categories. It means that a voucher that was sold in the account category SALES can not be cashed-in into the account category GASTRO . If you wish to offer this service to your members and guests you have the possibility to make a voucher-payout and hand over the cash to the restaurant.
  3. Promotion-Vouchers (vouchers of the value 0) can as well be administered by PC CADDIE.

Create the voucher article

You have the possibility to manage a complete voucher administration with issuing and cashing-in in PC CADDIE. What you need in a first step is a voucher article.

First thing: you create a new „Coulour/Size-combination“ with the description „voucher“ and add the two items „voucher sales“ and „voucher cash-in“.

This further setting can easily be defined (under „Coulour/Size-combination“ – New) and adjusted in the article.

:!: Please note that the two items „sales“ and „cash-in“ have to get two different article statuses: on the one hand the status „voucher sales“, on the other hand the status „voucher cash-in“. You absolutely need to set the check mark on Status.

To issue a voucher

Open the cash register, select the voucher article and choose the position „sales“. The following inquiry shows up:

Fill-in the fields based on your own needs. Depending on the layout of the voucher you have lodged in your system, this information will be printed directly. The more information you provide, the easier will be its handling later on. Should you want to change your voucher layouts constantly, create your vouchers with Word and enter the voucher number on that document. In case you use pre-printed vouchers, only register the number and the amount in PC CADDIE. For that option we ask you to talk to one of our PC CADDIE support assistants. Use the function „test output“ to check if the print is visually correct.

:!: The following is to be considered:

  • The voucher number should not be changed as PC CADDIE creates these numbers consecutively and saves them in a data file.
  • To avoid misunderstandings, no amount will be printed on a test output. Close the process by paying the due amount in the cash register.

To cash-in a voucher

Select the customer and book the corresponding article in the cash register. Still in the cash register, select now the item „voucher cash-in“. The following inquiry appears, and here you can select the appropriate voucher from the list.

:!: You will get to the proper asset by entering the voucher number (1): To view the full list of all the vouchers type F7 (2). With F9 (3) you have the possibility to search for voucher text contents.

Now enter the amount to subtract:

PC CADDIE always suggests the total amount of the sold article(s). Should the amount due to pay be less than the total voucher credit, the difference will show as rest credit and can be used another time. The voucher number will stay the same. Should the amount due to pay surmount the value of the voucher, the difference has to be cashed-in in the cash register.

To cancel a voucher

If the daily closing has already been made, you can only cancel the voucher (redeem and pay out or open it again into the account as a credit, depending on how you need it), or redeem it for an item that is used to cancel the booking.

Issued vouchers that need to be cancelled can be retrieved to the cash register using Repeat (F4) and then Reversal (F5) to be cancelled there in case the day-end closing (Z-closing) hasn't been done yet!

:!: It is necessary that you use the button Reverse payment method and pay new, as it is the only way you get the article back to the cash register.

Now you can cancel the article definitely by using the button Reversal (F5).

Afterwards, this voucher can be recognized as a cancellation in the voucher list.

To cash out a voucher

Should it be necessary to cash out the credit of a voucher, you can do so by selecting the customer and the corresponding voucher in the cash register without selecting an article. Register the amount that has to be cashed out, it can as well be a partial amount.

Confirm with Enter. You are now back in the cash register. Now press the button Pay Out:

You either can pay out the money with OK to the customer (1) or book it as a credit to his account using Book into account (2) or transfer the credit to another persons account using Transfer to another customer (3):

Should the amount be credited to another client (3) you can select the person here.

Create promotion vouchers

Voucher that you want to distribute for promotional purpose can be managed with PC CADDIE. These vouchers are created in the exact same way as described above with the difference that they get an own product group. You have to record them with „ZERO“ under Add. info .

:!: Although another voucher-article has been created, the promo vouchers result with the same range of numbers as the „normal“ voucher management of an account category.

Promotion voucher issuing

To issue a promo voucher you should fill in the form as follows:

Vouchers of the amount 0,- should have a reference indicating a promo voucher in the field Text.

HINT: Register the date until the voucher has to be cashed-in.

To cash in a promotion voucher

The encashing of a Promotion voucher is done in the usual way. In the cash register, select the article that the customer is to receive. Do not modify the price. Afterwards, choose the voucher from the voucher list and cash it with the article.

You can recognize the promo vouchers in the day-end closing. Therefore, it makes sense to create an own product group. This amount can then be booked out, for example in the with the account „internal expenses“.

Voucher data sheet

In PC CADDIE, you can find the complete voucher data sheet, showing all the issued and cashed-in vouchers up to date, including the remaining balance and cancellations under Accounts/Fees/…print list/List of vouchers

:!: Promotion vouchers can be printed separately by entering the headword „Promotion“ in the line Text

  1. Value of the voucher
  2. Date of issue
  3. Date of encashing and/or partial encashing
  4. Cashed-in amount
  5. Remaining balance of a partial encashed voucher
  6. Total balance that the club is due to cash

:!: „Expired“ vouchers have to be booked out manually in the cash register with an offsetting entry. Please always consider the general legal base for terms of expiration and voucher administration.

Update the recipient's name

If the name of the voucher recipient is not yet known at the time of purchase (as this voucher was issued for a tombola or for a tournament), it can be updated later.

Open the list of vouchers, click on edit,

click on the voucher (1) to edit it (2).

Now you can enter the desired name in the field „for“.

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