On this page you can read everything about setting up and using the PC CADDIE handheld. If you would like to learn more about the classic catering cash register, please follow this link > How to use the gastronomy cash register.

The handheld POS software is displayed on the device via a remote desktop system, so it is not natively installed on the device. This means that in principle it is possible to use ANY type of terminal from any manufacturer. We offer 3 types of devices, which we have tested in quality and function and provide full support. These devices also have:
- an integrated MIFARE RFID reader to read guest cards or the DGVPlus ID card, thus guaranteeing a clear assignment of the guest.
- PointMobile PM45 and Samsung Active3 a 3-year glass breakage insurance to ensure a safe hardware investment.

1. Samsung Tablet ACTIVE3 Display size 8 inch.
For catering requirements with the desire for a larger display. Designed for finger operation.

2. Point Mobile 45 Display size 5 inch. For catering requirements, touch pen or finger operation.

Operating the handheld

Start PC CADDIE in your handheld session.

After entering your password, you are directly in the cash register in the customer window (left side of the normal cash register window). Next to the customer selection button and the customer view button (list and magnifying glass) are the button Ko button to edit the customer account and the Deletebutton to remove the customer from the cash register.

The tab Bookings corresponds to the right side of the normal cash register window. For reasons of space, the button Special button has been replaced by the Sp button, and the Cancellation has become St.

Behind the tab Functions tab hides the bottom line from your normal checkout.

Here you can start the payment process as usual.

The split function is divided into three windows/tabs for better operation.

Bookings with the handheld

As you are already familiar with from the normal cash register, you have the option of creating up to four quick selection buttons.

The handling is the same as in the normal cash register, except that the windows are switched one after the other.

About Edit or Sp (special) you can adjust the articles in text and/or price.

With the handheld, you also have the option of, fixed keys in the handheld cash register. You can assign up to three groups (OT100) or up to eight groups (Sony Xperia, iPad) with 12 keys each.

As before, you also have a numeric keypad. And of course also the letter keyboard.

Numeric keypad Letter keyboard

If you have opened the letter keyboard, the button has a different function; you then use it to open the function keys.

  • F1 - Cursor jumps to the article input field
  • F2 - opens the respective list (customer list if you are in the customer window; item list if you are in the transaction window).
  • F3 - Cash register
  • F4 - Repeat receipt/invoice reversal
  • F5 - Delete/cancel single item
  • F6 - Split current customer
  • F7 - Edit line item (person edit when in customer window; change booking when in booking window and no receipt has been printed yet)
  • F8 - Split current customer
  • F9 - Cursor jumps to customer input field
  • F10 - currently not occupied
  • F11 - Trigger receipt printing
  • F12 - Book payment
  • Escape - corresponds to the ESC key on any normal keyboard; closes the current window
  • Delete - corresponds to DEL or Del on the keyboard; deletes the input to the right of the cursor
  • BkSp - corresponds to BACK SPACE on the normal keyboard; deletes the entry to the left of the cursor

Split function in the handheld

To split a table for payment, proceed as follows:

Open the 3rd tab FUNCTIONS and click on the button SPLIT

The following mask opens in which you can either (1) a table or (2) select a customer:

The tabs are additionally SOURCE and DESTINATION are displayed.

The Source tab contains all the items booked to the customer so far. With a double click (1) on the article to be split in the tab SOURCE - the article to be split is automatically transferred from the DESTINATION transferred.

If several identical items have been booked, a query will also appear asking which number should be rebooked when splitting:

As soon as all items have been transferred or split to the new customer, you can close this window via the the button DONE button again.

In the main screen you will now find once the original client (1) and the new customer/table (2) to which some of the articles have been transferred:

You can then book out the customer as usual via Pay.

Earlier handheld models

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a smartphone with NFC support (integrated Mifare reader) that is compatible with PC CADDIE handheld features.

Technical data:

  • Weight: 212 grams
  • Display: 16.3 cm (6.4„) Full HD TRILUMINOS display (1080), 16 million colours, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Dimensions: 179 x 92 x 6.5 mm
  • Operating system: Google Android 5.0
  • Specification: Waterproof (IP55 and IP58)*, Dustproof (IP55)*

* The Xperia™ Z Ultra is dustproof and waterproof according to IP55 and IP58 certification. Provided all ports and covers are tightly closed, the smartphone is protected against low pressure water jets from all directions according to IP55 certification and can remain submerged for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.50 metres according to IP58 certification.
All information is from the manufacturer and without guarantee.

Starting PC CADDIE

To start your terminal server session, tap on your APP AccessToGo and start your connection file to your server there

PC CADDIE now starts automatically and you can log in to PC CADDIE by entering your password. If PC CADDIE does not start automatically, tap on the button PC CADDIE Gastro

Further operation is as generally described:

OT 100/110

The handheld OT-100 is equipped with a Mifareader.

Further advantages are:

  • Large screen for better operation; 4.3“ touch TFT-LCD widescreen (resolution 272 x 480).
  • monitor keyboard; QWERTY keyboard
  • slim design 133 mm (H) x 82 mm (W) x 19 mm (D)
  • light weight (approx. 220g with battery)
  • easy start-up of PC CADDIE without data entry to the server (server IP and PW)
  • Remote maintenance possible on the unit

Starting PC CADDIE

When you start the OT-100/110, you will get the following screen (left).
To start PC CADDIE, confirm the PC CADDIE button. You get the start screen (right).

Screen brightness


iPod cash register

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