Ordering membership cards (DGV - German Golf Association)


Please consider the following before ordering the PC CADDIE card:

  • Am I the legal and authorized representative of the club and do I have the right to order DGV cards?
  • For what group of people do I want to order the cards?
  • Should the external members also receive an identity card?

Card orders and location checking

It is not necessary to check the regionality of all members before issuing the card, as each member is automatically checked individually when entering the address.
If you nevertheless want to make a complete check, you will find the function ⇒ here under Intranet configuration and special functions.

Please go through the order checklist before ordering !!!!

Ordering membership cards

DGV states that new cards can be ordered as early as November of last year.

The card issuing for the year 2018 should start at the end of November 2017, and the delivery from the beginning of December. For inquiries, please contact the DGV.

The following dialog opens when you start the ordering process:
Pay attention to the persons filter!

Layout (Edit...)

Click on the Edit button to open the settings for the Membership card file. In particular, check and edit the „Name and address“ here.

Disk drive The path is usually set on „C: \“ .. You should not care about this for ordering via Intranet , but you need to remember this location if you want to create a file and send it, for example, via e-mail.
Club number Please verify that Your DGV club number is here. This will be printed on the card.
Club name Please verify that Your club name is here. This will be printed on the card on row 1 and row 2, if applicable. Please make sure that the line splitting makes sense. A shorter club name can be entered on the first row, and the second line can be left blank. In this case you can enter here the street name or a special feature of the club.
Address Please verify that Your postcode and city are correct. These will also be printed on the card. Click on the button if the club name and address are not correct. You can change your details in the next window. Close the window again by pressing the OK button once you have made your changes.
Distribution year PC CADDIE will automatically enter next year if you place the order in in November or December. The current year remain if you place the order earlier. Please make sure that the correct number has been entered, the specified year will be printed on the card.
Playing rights: If you have here the suggested settings also for no playing rights, ALL members get the regionality mark according to regulations of the DGV. You can only make further restrictions here. If you, for example, want to avoid having an „R“ printed on the DGV cards of the members without a right to play, please select „for full and restricted playing rights“. This has no effect on the Regionality Examination (DGV). The 85% regionality check is always carried out by the DGV with the data of all members!

HINT: It is also possible to prevent printing the „R“ for individual members, although they would get an R due to the distance. However, this must be marked BEFORE the card order directly in the Person with additional information field!
Conversely, according to DGV is not possible to make an R adjustable for individual members who do not live within the 70 km. Only the address of a holiday apartment (2nd address) would be allowed.

Once all details have been checked and correctly selected, finish your entry with OK. The window for issuing an ID card now reappears on your screen.

Particularities of the card layout

There is one peculiarity regarding the layout of the membership cards. From a purely aesthetic reasons, any existing empty line is automatically deleted before printing the card:

The finished card is printed without a blank line between the club' name and address:

Persons group

You can usually leave „All persons“ here, because PC CADDIE already recognizes the member status of the persons which are issued a pass. From this reason, we recommend that you create your own filters only in exceptional cases.


You can now set the order in which the card file is to be created. Opening the drop-down list allows you to select the desired order. The cards are then delivered in this order on you. Therefore, it makes sense, to order them „Alphabetically (by name)“, or „By postcode“.

:!: There is a „sorting function“ for the identity cards as part of the Intranet Information System (IIS). By default, the sorting is done „Alphabetically“. So if you want a different ordering criterion you have to change it in IIS, otherwise you will receive the cards in alphabetical order even if you have chosen „By postcode“ in PC CADDIE.


Please make sure that the option All members according to person group is enabled before placing the order.

The button Selection… allows you to register the date of the last order for every person. This function dates back to earlier times; the appointment (date) is now automatically entered when sending the order for the person via the DGV Intranet.

You can remove the selection for all the persons for the next ordering using the button Delete special order markings for all.

Create the intranet order records

You can start the cards' ordering process after you have checked all the settings. To do this, follow the next 3 steps to create the intranet order records. Do not worry, the order is actually placed only in step 3. You can still check the data, and if necessary cancel and delete it during all these steps.
Also study the example checklist with the explanations at the point „Check“!!

1 – Export

Start the first step towards the card order by clicking on the button .

Now think again exactly if also for players with no playing rights is correct, if you want to all members who live up to 70 km to the club, to have an R on the ID card!

Confirm with Start data export.

You will see under the button the number of persons for which the export was made, after the export is completed.

If there are members to which no geodata could be found yet, PC CADDIE checks during the card order and you may receive the following information when issuing the members' cards: OSM (Open Street map) TRIAL 2 (2nd attempt).

2 – Check

You can check the content of the card file during the second step. Just click on the button .

The location of the file is displayed in the following dialog. You can usually go directly to that location using the Print button (F8).

Printing the file will allow you to better check its content.

:!: You can check the print-out, possibly using random checking…

  • …the club name and location are distributed correctly and neatly on the lines,
  • …the coordinates of your club are correct!
  • …the sequence number matches your members number (No.),
  • …the issue year is correct (Year),
  • …the names appear accurate and complete; for example, titles of nobility (Name),
  • …the functions are up to date (Function); for example, the CEO
  • …the handicap input (HCP) is correct,
  • …the DGV and the membership number are correct. (Any overlap between the numbers is due to the set font size, and is not relevant for the actual order.)

Explanations to the column „Reg.“

  1. ( r ) - the bracketed r means that this person never has an R on the card, even if the km distance to the club is less than 70 km. At the playing rights you have selected, for example „only full and restricted right to play“ and created this restriction! Think again, whether you intended it this way! - - - it means that no geodata exists for this person (is the address correct?)
  2. R - the big R means that the regionality mark will be on the card. The number of km here is 4.
  3. 178 - is simply the km specification, it is over 70 and thus has no R before the number of km.
  4. PF - is a mailbox address („Postfachadresse“ in German); in this case, the number of km is 93.
  5. - - - means there is no geodata to this person, so the distance to the club cannot be determined!

You can proceed to step 3 if all information is correct. Otherwise, please correct the data as described earlier, and then begin again with 1 - Export.

3 – Order

Start the ordering process with step 3, and click on the button :

The same dialog as in step 2 – Check appears. The difference lies in the additional activation of the option Create intranet order records and the existence of the Order button (as opposed to the button Check for the second step). Confirm your options by pressing the buttons Order.

Here you have the possibility to specify an additional email address where the information regarding the status of the card order should be sent.

:!: If you have not printed out the list at step 2, you will be notified that the intranet order can be activated only when the list has been previously printed. To do so, return to step 2 and repeat the process.

The following window opens after you confirm the order:

Read the statement policy, check the box confirming that you understood the information, and press the Start button from the top-right of the window to confirm it. The printer selection window will be displayed, and you can see the list on the screen and print it.

Now check the result of your work:

;-) Correct:

An intranet-order record was created for each person if the inputs were correct. Each entry is followed by the notation „OK+B“.

:!: Incorrect:

If a person's country code or the DGV Club number are incorrect, no order record is created for that person. This will be marked with „ERROR“:

Check the personal record in question and correct the membership number or the DGV Club number. Begin the card ordering again with Step 1 - Export. Please contact the PC CADDIE Support in case you have too many „ERROR“ entries.

:!: The Intranet clean-up should not be started in case major corrections are necessary. It is best to delete the generated records by clicking 3 - Order and then the button Delete intranet order records (F5). Close the dialog with Cancel. It is not the end of the world if the intranet transmission was already activated. You can cancel the entire order in IIS (Intranet Information System). Or you can see for which members no order has been triggered (see: „ERROR“) in your printout.

You can make a new order only for these individuals after the correction of personal data. Please inform immediately the DGV Intranet support or the GHP Systems AG about the fact that a new order will follow, complementing the initial one, to ensure that no extra costs are incurred.

Shipping and receipt

The following window opens after printing the list under Step 3:

Here you can choose whether the data should be sent immediately or only during the next intranet balance.

After a successful order, you will see the information window Receipt, containing a record for each ordered card:

For further inquiries you can also contact the company Identa:

Note the card order in CRM/DMS

If you are using the module CRM\DMS, you can record the order for each person using the button Note:

The best way to do this is to choose „Card order“ from the list, and if necessary, type in additional information or attach another document to the memo. Start the process by pressing Note after providing this information.

Mark the card order without the CRM/DMS module

If you do not use the CRM/dms module, it is possible to deposit the card in the respective customer account. Pressing the button Notes opens the following window, where you can make the following settings:

(1) - In the drop-down menu, select „Yes, make the record“

(2) - Enter the note for the card order under Additional text

(3) - Select the appropriate account range in which the note should appear

:!: If you would like to invoice the ordered badges to the customer, create a corresponding article in PC CADDIE and select it under „Post type“. As a result, each customer automatically receives an account entry that will be billed with the next billing. However, if only the order should be noted in the account, a text entry in the line „additional text“ is sufficient.

As soon as the card order has been carried out, a corresponding note automatically appears in the account:

only note - without invoice entry:

with article attachment as invoice:

Check the ordering in IIS

Pressing the button Check the ordering in IIS (after transmission) (F6) brings you to the Intranet Information System (IIS). This allows you to track the status of your card(s) order.

Reordering cards

The process of ordering is similar to the one described above. You have to click on the button Card from a person's mask and activate the option Mark this person for the next reordering. The re-orders are done in the same way: just select this option in the person mask of the person concerned.

After activating this option you will see a star in front of the DGV card.

If you want now to order the cards you have to choose the option Only marked persons for ordering; the rest of the process remains unchanged.

Regional code on the DGV card

Starting with 2017, the distance between the mailing address of the golfer and the golf course becomes subject to mandatory labeling. If the regionality is fulfilled, the DGV card receives a personal regional ID. (Questions about this should be referred directly to the German Golf Association e.V.)

Key facts:

All members/golfers entitled to play, whose domicile is max. 70 km from the golf course, are considered regional members and receive the regional ID number on their DGV pass.
Every other members/golfers entitled to play become DGV cards without a regional ID number.
Exception: is the percentage of regional club members/golfers entitled to play 85 or bigger, all members of the golf club will receive the regional ID number on the DGV card - regardless of residence.

PC CADDIE determines the regionality from the club member's address coordinates/geodata via the „OpenStreetMap“ online service.
The address coordinates/geodata of the golf club is provided by the German Golf Association e.V.
From these two geodata values, PC CADDIE determines the distance between the club member's address and the golf course; and transfers this distance to the German Golf Association's IIS.
Each golf club can check whether the coordinates and distances for the personal regional number are correct, even before ordering the card. Proceed as follows:

Before the card order: check distance information/ mileage:

  1. Download and install the latest PC CADDIE version under Exit/Update PC CADDIE.
  2. Download the Geodata for all the people in PC CADDIE.
  3. Print a List of distances of all members and carefully check it. (There are always addresses that are not found, due to typos or similar).
  4. Now transfer all members to the DGV-Intranet.
  5. Check the numbers under the tab „Members“ in the Intranet Informations System (DGV).

In addition, PC CADDIE prints a checklist listing all members within a 70km radius: Print list of persons.

Basic preparation for the annual order


First of all, write the leaving date for all the persons who will leave or already left:

:!: Please note that the type of membership should not be changed. The leaving date suffice to identify a person as a non-member.

New entries

Edit all new entries - if known - with start date and future member characteristics in PC CADDIE:

External members

Enter the record sheet for the following year from the home club for all the external members. For more information about external members see the chapter Entering a Second Club Member.

Functions and game rights

Check whether the current position is registered for all club directors (at 1st address):

Manual entries are possible, which also appear on the DGV card.


If you would like not to order the card for a person, you can disable the field Order a normal card for this person, after clicking the Card button in the person’s mask. Normally, you don’t need to change anything in the mask.

Check the basic settings

You can check in your basic settings, how many days in advance PC CADDIE detects your new members and no longer considers your resignations. To do this, go to Setup/Program Options/Options:

The decisive factor is the number of days in Start turn of the year:

;-) Here's an example: you want to order all statements for the following year on December 4: December 4 + 31 days → January 4.

PC CADDIE already recognize on December 4 the new members, who have an entry date until January 4 of the following year and places them into the group „All Members“. In addition, all resignations with a leave date until January 4 of the following year are no longer listed in the „All Members“ list.

Digital card 2020 - DGV

Information on DGV card (only in German).

As of 2020, there is also a digital ID, in additional to the physical membership card:

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