Queries during the saving process

If the save process is aborted, PC CADDIE makes the query:

If, for example, you want to move documents from the “Secretariat/Letters” folder to PC CADDIE, you have the following options for the original file:

  1. With the first option Yes, delete, a copy of the letter is stored in the CRM\DMS. The original file (for example, in the Secretariat/Letters folder) is deleted.
  2. Move to a subfolder means that a copy of the letter is stored in the CRM\DMS and the original is moved from the “Secretariat/Letters” folder to a subfolder _PCC. This gives you a good overview of which files have already been saved in PC CADDIE. This is the “golden middle ground” and therefore pre-selected.
  3. The option No, keep it is listed last. The document remains in the folder “Secretariat/Letters” in its original form, a copy is stored in the CRM\DMS. With this choice you do not know in retrospect whether you have already stored the file in PC CADDIE.

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