PC CADDIE gives you the possibility to print a pre-defined data range, certain persons or categories:

Persons/Todo-List or Persons/Daily List

Under the tab Date/User/Sorting you can first define the data range for printing. You can determine whether only the main date or also the reminding date, date of entry, changes or finishing dates should be displayed. For the function Print List it is better to choose for From and To “All users”. For Sorting, we recommend you choose “By category”; you can, of course, adjust these settings according to your needs.

The tab Filter for categories allows you to set which categories are to be printed. Again, you have the additional choices whether to also print with new entries or with changes.

TIP: All categories will be printed if you don't make any selections.

Other filtering options can be made under the tab status/keyword/person. Again: if nothing is selected, all states will be printed. It is also possible to filter what you want to print based on a keyword, a theme or a person. Press Print (F8) after you have made all the settings according to your wishes.

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