Score cards

You can easily print a blank score card or print a score card for a single player regardless of any tournaments via Persons/Print…/Score-Cards :

Type offers several options such as „Score card with frame“, „Special landscape“, „Landscape with frame“ or an individual template designed for your club. Click the drop-down button and select the desired format.

If required you can change the Title and enter any kind of Information.

Select the golf course and insert the tees using the button Define tees.

If necessary, enter the Player and Marker. You can also individually adjust the tees for both of these. If you choose the „select tee automatically“ from the drop down list, the tees that have been defined above are automatically considered. If you leave these fields empty you can print out blank score cards.

The Number of score cards is freely definable. So it is no problem to print 100 score cards for guest players.

The button Eject is only necessary, if you usually print several score cards on to one sheet of paper and this has been set up already (e.g., two scorecards in A5 format can be printed on to one sheet in A4 landscape format). So if you send a print command for just one score card, PC CADDIE will wait for the second print command before starting to print. Click Eject to print just the one score card.

More details on the score card settings are described with the function Competitions/Print…/Score cards - (Score cards).

Individual score card templates

We will gladly create customized templates for you. Feel free to email for the latest prices and offers.

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