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Data transfer

The entire data directory of the old server (main computer) must be copied. There must be no access to the database during the transfer process. All current PC CADDIE instances must be stopped, as well as any PC CADDIE services running on the server. It is best to rename the folder \DATA (\DATEN) in the PC CADDIE release, which ensures that no access to the database takes place. Please note that the intranet login will be deleted at the request of the German Golf Association. You will find the intranet login (user name :) on the welcome page in the IIS.

In the following description we use the abbreviation ADS for the Advantage Database Server. Please use the macro ads to check the ADS installation path on the old server.

Server migration without ADS

  1. Configure the Virus scanner
  2. Install the PC CADDIE Service Manager (Macro: sma)
  3. Install services (PCO services, card systems, etc.)
  4. Starting with Windows Vista and Server 2008, the SMB2 protocol must be disabled, since this protocol may lead to database corruptions / index problems when used without a database server. Please start PC CADDIE on your server as administrator and go to Setup/Macros. Enter „SMB“ (without quotes) in the upper macro field, and confirm your entry with OK.

Server migration with ADS

  1. Configure the Virus scanner
  2. Installing services (PCO services, card systems, etc.)

Server migration Terminal-Server

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