PC CADDIE runs on all standard (Windows) computers. The programme requires at least 10 gigabytes of free memory on a workstation and at least 50 gigabytes on a server (for DATA memory, see below).

The workstations (PC CADDIE clients) should have the following minimum configuration:

  • Multi-core processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 10 GB free hard drive space for PC CADDIE
  • Permanent Internet connection (for Internet access and remote maintenance)
  • Network connection of at least 1000 MBit/s
  • Monitor with FullHD resolution (1920×1080) or better
  • Optional additional graphics card for activating the leaderboard function
  • Optional sound card and loudspeakers (match result announcement)

The server should have the following minimum configuration:

  • 16 GB RAM, the more the better
  • 100 GB free hard drive space (more depending on the amount of data) / SSD hard drive recommended!
  • Permanent Internet connection (for Internet access and remote maintenance)
  • :!: Please also note our details on the system requirements for the operating system used Microsoft® Windows operating system.
  • PC CADDIE supports Terminal server environments (e.g. Citrix)
  • For more than 10 PC CADDIE applications (including all users + online applications) and in terminal server environments, the installation of Advantage Database Server from SAP is required.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

:!: IMPORTANT: We always recommend a native Windows server with a mirrored RAID array as the storage location for the PC CADDIE databases and not a NAS (Network Attached Storage). When using NAS systems, problems can arise due to the different NAS operating systems and the integration of the SMB protocol. It is also not possible to install and set up PC CADDIE services (service manager, map server or online service) on a NAS.

It is assumed that the complete installation of standard hardware will be or has been carried out by a third-party provider or by you after consultation. This includes in particular the workstation computers and networking. This also includes the equipment with a Microsoft® Windows operating system.

Technical requirements for handhelds

:!: The following technical requirements should be discussed with your IT supervisor:

To use the PC CADDIE wireless ordering systems in the catering industry, the following technical requirements must be met:

Windows Terminal ServicesThe mobile handheld terminal is connected to the network via the Windows Terminal Services via wireless LAN and must be taken into account in the network design. This means that a handheld can only be used with existing server hardware and corresponding server software (as of 2015: Windows Server 2012/R2). The handheld is accessed via Remote Desktop (RDP). A handheld cannot be operated via a normal Windows PC or on a server with outdated server software without technical customisation.

Terminal Service Clients: Each handheld requires separate access to the Windows server software, called Terminal Service Client licences from Microsoft. This licence can be a „USER CAL“ (there are more handhelds than are used at the same time) or a „DEVICE CAL“ (each handheld receives its own access).

ADS Server: The SAP ADS Advantage Database Server is a prerequisite for using the mobile handheld terminal in terminal server environments.

:!: Our technicians will also be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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