Team scores

The multi-team score is always used when several rounds have to be evaluated for the team competition, both in a multi-round tournament with different game types as well as in several individual tournaments.

More information about the basic settings can be found here: Team scores.

The total team score for both playing forms is accessible under the menu Competitions/Multiple Tournaments, Golf Weeks/Print…/Team results:

Click Select and use the space-bar to mark the desired tournaments. Press Print to obtain the total team score. For individual tournaments you have to previously set the team scoring and to maintain the same teams.

You can also use the multi-team scoring for one multi-rounds round-robin tournament. For multiple-round tournaments it is important that the team rating is identical in every round, so if „1 strike per team“ in round 1 then also„1 strike per team“ in round 2. Printing the multi-team scoring give you the advantage of a clearer layout (especially with quad and single). The team results can also be printed directly from the tournament.

HINT: You can use this function to print a result list even without entering the results, which allows you to check beforehand if your team assignment is correct.

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