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You want to invite all tournament participants with more than 3 attendances for an event, or to award them a prize for the highest participation rate?

You can find the needed function in PC CADDIE under Competition/Multiple Tournaments, Golf Weeks/Print…/Player List for multiple Tournaments:

  1. Press Select (F2) for choosing which tournaments should be considered.
  2. Layout allows to access to all the layouts, including the ones for persons lists. You can create a layout for printing the participants list with the number of attended tournaments.

  1. HINT: Use a layout with this code.
  2. You can also set the Person group and the Order.

Press Print (F8) to start the printing process:

You already have a well-arranged list showing which tournaments (1) and which persons groups (2) were selected. You can further see that the members Timo Tester and Paul Member (3) each attended once (4) a tournament with the number 16002 (5).

HINT: If you want to sort this list based on the number of attendances, you have to first export it in Excel and sort it based on the column “Number”.

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