Fun tournaments with more than 4 golfers per flight

You can only print a maximum of 4 golfers per flights on the scorecards!

6 scramble with 2 flights x 3 golfers

In golf, 1 flight consists of a maximum of 4 players. All programming, from scorecard printing to all kinds of calculations are based on this.

But sometimes you may want to start a game of 6. 2x 3 players as Scramble. You can do this by manually editing the start list.
If you want to start the 6 game in 12 min intervals, do scramble with flights of 3 at 6 minutes interval, and change every 2nd start time (similar to the cannon start with 2 starts at 1 tee) as in the following example.

Click on „Time“, modify it, and confirm with „Adjust only this single flight“.

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