Telephone information system

The telephone information system offers you the following options:

  1. Record tournament participants by telephone or microphone;
  2. Create the results and the start list using the Fax on demand service;
  3. Record information, for example course information;
  4. Activate tournaments for the telephone information system.

Please make sure that the telephone information system itself is turned on.

First of all, you should print a start list which includes the information about the telephone information system. Select the function Competitions/Starting List and select „Telephone information system“ in the field Info.

In addition to the usual information, this list also prints the membership number and the time of the last start time query. A star behind the member number means that a name has already been recorded for the person; if the star is missing, the name should still be recorded.

Record information via microphone

To record different information and names using the microphone, click on Competitions/Voice-system. You will find a list of existing texts and the option to „Record persons' names“ under Record names and information (F8) .

Mark „Record persons' names“ to record the name of a person and confirm with „OK“. Select the desired person.

Confirm once more with „OK“.

Start the recording by pressing the red dot and stop it with the square, which turns black after starting the recording. Check the recording by pressing the black triangle.

Close the window by pressing the „X“ from the right top corner, and confirm the subsequent query with „Yes“ if you are happy withthe recording (if not, of course, press „No“).

The process for recording the „Tournament name“ is the same.

With all the other recording options, the following window opens after the selection of the desired text:

Select the desired option. When recording a text, proceed as described above (for recording a person's name).

Record person names by telephone

You do not need a computer sound system if you record the names by phone, and the sound quality tends to get better. Proceed as follows:

a) To do this, first select the Telephone information system - to save on charges, you should of course do this via the internal extension number.

b) Press [9] at the first query, followed by [*].

c) Then you will be asked for the membership number; anter it and then confirm with [#].

d) After a short announcement you can record the name. Then press [#] again.

e) Then you have two options: either you save with [1] and can then directly enter the next membership number (continue with c) or you press [2] and can then repeat the name again (back to d).

HINT: For all announcements, you can always press [1] to skip the announcement, making this process even faster. If you have mistakenly typed the wrong number, you can also cancel and re-enter with the [*] key!

Activate tournaments for the telephone information system

Activate tournament:

You have 2 options for activating the Telephone information system for a tournament:

1. Select the Telephone information system under the competitions menu entry.

Here you will find the button Choose tournament (F2). Pressing this button opens a window in which you will find all tournaments already entered. With the space bar or a double-click on the desired tournament, place an asterisk in front of the tournament's name. Confirm with „OK“. The tournament is now unlocked for the telephone information system.

If you want to delete a tournament that has already been played from the Telephone information system, proceed in the same way as described above. Delete the asterisk from the desired tournament, again with the space bar or a double-click, and confirm the settings with „OK“.

2. Open the dialog „Phone“ from the competition mask:

Check the option „Activate tournament“ for activating the Telephone information system for a tournament.

In this mask, you also have the possibility to record tournament names and player names. For this, you should have a current PC CADDIE version. The process is the same as described above.

HINT: You can also record info that every tournament player should hear, such as delay, shotgun start or cancellation …

Enter result and start lists with the fax on demand feature:

You can use the Telephone information system to add result and start lists to the fax poll, so your members can retrieve them from home. To do this, go to Competitions/Print…/Starting Lists, and select the desired tournament. Then go to Print (F8) and select Fax polling.

After selecting the small or large spacing, the polling document will be displayed in a new window.

Fax number:

Here you can see the fax number, which may be valid from a given date, e.g., 13.6. and for a given list. You can also check under Fax (F7) to see if the document (start or result list) is ok.

Automatic Fax-Calling document:

If necessary, enable the Automatic fax calling document option. This means that this document can be called up in automatic fax calling via the calling key on the fax machine. In fax calling, the fax dials directly to the telephone system and a special signal informs the telephone system that the fax calling document should now be sent. Of course, there is no choice between different documents, so this applies only for the document which was last saved with the option Automatic fax calling document activated. Click „OK“ to activate the list for polling.

Other voice recordings

Text recording

Select „Extras, Server-Tools“ in the ISDN Voice-Server .

Now select the project „PCCADDIE, pccaddie“ and openwith „OK“ .

Click on „Tools, Announcements“.

The following window opens:

The individual wave files can be marked and recorded.

Test the telephone lines

You can test if a telephone connection is possible using the right side of the window.

Mark „Telephone“, enter the number and press „Connect“ to see if the line is available. Depending on the setup of the telephone system, it may be necessary to set a „0“ for the office in front of the telephone number.

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