Quick selection in the gastronomy cash register

Configure quick selection

You can access the quick selection under Setup/Program Options/Cash register - quick selection.. Or directly from the cash register; change into the cash register to the Administration (button on the top right) and select there Cash register - settings. Select Edit quick selection.

If you work with cash register numbers, you have the option of setting different quick selections. You can create a new definition by clicking the button Copy this setup to other cash registers (F6). Only the general configuration is available if there are no cash register numbers.
Highlight the desired cash register and click Configure quick selection buttons (F7). The following window opens:

  1. The main selection button in the sales level is to be used with the lists. The moment you enter a text here (for example, food, drinks, DIV) the respective button appears in your cash register.
  2. Create a new line using New line (F9).
  3. After you have created lines, you can use Edit (F7) to open them, move them Up and Down to the desired position and delete them with Delete (F5).
  4. Here you can save an existing line as a favorite. This line is then always at the top and is selected, i.e., the deposited articles are ready for booking directly after pressing the main selection button.

Create a new line

  1. Enter a title, for example „Warm drinks“, and a color of your choice. Different colors, and even different shades, provide a better overview at the sales level.
  2. Place the check mark in front of the list (main selection button) in which this line should be displayed. You can also display rows in all lists. (to be recommended for the favorite)
  3. Add the desired articles in the line by pressing New article (F9).
  4. After you have entered the articles, you can use Edit (F7) to open them, move them Up and Down to the desired position and delete them with Remove (F5).

Add article

  1. Leave the selection at the top.
  2. You can either type the article name and select it from the suggestions, or go to the list button and select the article there.
  3. You can set a different color for the article button as the one used for the line. If you do not change anything here, the button has the same color as you set in the line.
  4. Check Insert empty block if you want to have an empty field between two articles. Do not select any item and confirm with OK.
  5. Start new line is very helpful for the overview at the sales level. You can hereby set an optical subdivision within a line (for example, warm drinks). Place the element between the coffee and tea articles, then the first article behind it begins in a new line. Again, set the marker on it and confirm with OK.

The line Select the variant for the following article: is merely a heading for the lower two setting options.

If you want to use the old selection window (article list, to select put the check-mark in front, multiple choice possible) to get all the main items in your list first, or the items with no sub-articles, you can do so by holding down the Shift key while going to New Items (F9).

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