Adjustments to the DGV Association regulations 2019

Count game with highest score / maximum score | New game form

The maximum score per hole improves the gameplay speed in count-play tournaments. Since the handicap calculation is done by Stableford, this form of play can also be used for handicap effective competitions.
Instructions on how to proceed can be found under: ⇒Count game with highest score

Gross CR compensation | New sorting

New from 2019: sorting according to original played points
In this case players 2 and 3 have played from the tee „Men white“. Player 2 is ranked higher than Player 3 because he played better than Player 3 with 22 gross points without CR compensation (both players rated by tee „Men White“). However, the gross is won by Player 1. Because Player 1 has earned 25 gross points from the Tee „Ladies Red“, and thus she is better than Player 2, who has earned „only“ 24 gross points with CR compensation. Player 1 is placed in first place.

So far, the gross CR compensation has been sorted as follows:
An example of a previous result list:

Course data | Course rating for up to 18 tees

From now on you can have a course rating for up to 18 tees.
For this, the course data fields have been extended, for: GOLD - SILVER - BLACK - WHITE - YELLOW - BLUE - RED - ORANGE - GREEN.
And every tee color can be measured for both men and women!
The instructions for loading the course data can be found ⇒here.

Course data| Individually selectable tee colors

It is allowed to name the colors of the tees. The tee colors should still be recognizable, for example, you can make from RED → PINK. It is not allowed to enter GREEN at the position for RED.

Here is an example of a club with only a few tees, but individual color names:

Data protection for officials of the golf club

Data protection is becoming increasingly important: e-mail addresses of club members may only be uploaded to the INTRANET with their consent.

Data protection for tournament registrations

Functions for the qualified electronic scorecard

Currently we have no information from DGV about the APP interface for the qualified electronic scorecards. However, we already support the preparation for the exchange with the service portal.

After the German Golf Association (Deutsche Golfverband - DGV) has completed the licensing for 2019 in spring, and the corresponding APPs have been programmed, you can activate the input of the scores in the games through the APPs.
The APPs for entering the electronic scores then send the results to the DGV service portal.
As soon as you retrieve the scores via the DGV service portal, they will be entered directly in your PC CADDIE tournament in the result input, and will be visible.

Tournament settings

As soon as you click on the Internet button in the tournament window, you can make the settings:

Please select „Qualified electronic scorecard“ and then activate this function by checking the box!

See results

As soon as you have entered the results, you have the option to click on Electronic Scorecard

… and here the possibility to send the score card of a single player to the DGV-SERVICPORTAL again, or just to retrieve the results of this player from the DGV-SERVICPORTAL!

Dynamic Intranet-Login

The dynamic intranet login is available since the summer of 2018; the login changes automatically every hour, so that the service portal access is optimally protected against hacker attacks.

The Intranet Information System has been replaced by the SERVICE PORTAL.
The direct links are active again with the PC CADDIE version 2019! You can, for example, load the external results via direct link!

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