Peripheral devices

Cash registers need enough free ports for connecting all the various peripheral devices.


  • The Receipt printer located at the cash register can be directly connected.
  • We recommend a normal print server for remote Receipt printers (Gastronomy: bar, kitchen, etc.). Please do not install any Epson printer drivers for these printers, as they block the ports. Normally, PC CADDIE does not print via the Windows drivers, but sends the commands directly to the port. This is why a print server has to be configured in such a way that it is mapped to a LPTx or COMx for the cash PC (for example, LPT3). Please install a standard printer driver „Generic Text Only“ in ca a driver installation is needed.
  • The more complex Bag tag printing is possible with Laser or inkjet printers. However, inkjet printers are not waterproof. The printer should also be able to print on thicker paper (about 130g/m²) and should have a manual tray that fits more than just a Blanko bag tag. Several golf clubs have had positive experiences with Hewlett-Packard models (for example, HP LaserJet 1100), Lexmark or Canon (LBP 1120, at a very attractive price). Kyocera models have the advantages of ceramic roller. Please make sure that the printer responds quickly and does not require a „warm-up“. The price-performance ratio of the available laser printers is very good.
  • The bag tags can contain information regarding the customer's name, handicap, start time, green fee, price etc., and may also include a logo. The sponsor's logo can be added on the back. The standard format for the PC CADDIE bag tags is DIN-Long (or slightly smaller: 210x90mm), which could be cut BLANKO at your print shop. It also make sense to use different coloring schemes or different locations for the tag hole.
  • The type of paper and the thickness of bag tags are up to you. A thickness of approximately 130g/m² is suitable for bag tags. Some golf clubs from Switzerland have had good experience with „Neobond“ paper products (a little bit more expensive). The thickness is 200g/m², but flexible enough so that a standard laser printer can handle it well. It is slightly rough and weather-resistant. Another customer uses Lahnstein (Germany) „PRETEX Impregnated special paper“, and they are very happy with (this is also an expensive option). It is better to consult with your print shop regarding paper weight, weather resistance, rigidity, strength, or thermal sensitivity (printer), and to avoid a too smooth coating.

HINT: A perforated bag tag with integrated, personalized scorecard in A4 format is highly recommended because it offers the guest a full service, and in the same time preserves the printer roller. Please contact us

Cash register drawer

The PC CADDIE cash registers enables the automatic use of the cash register drawer which opens during the payment process.

Waiter lock

PC CADDIE supports automatic users switching via operator key.

Debit terminal

Find out more about Card payment.

Some debit terminals require a serial port (DB9/RS232).

Touch screen

The PC CADDIE cash register can be specifically configured for touchscreens.

Keyboards + Mifare reader

PC CADDIE features a custom-designed keyboard which enables the reading of magnetic strips and RFID chips (Union certificates).

A separate RFID reader can also be activated.

Special Legic reader requires a serial port (DB9/RS232).

Card systems

Additional USB-CF-card readers are needed for offline card systems.

Find out more about our PC card system.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Support team with any questions you may have. Any peripheral devices can be obtained via PC CADDIE.

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