Freely definable reservation list

Do you want to get a detailed overview of the course occupancy? The button Freely definable reservation list provides this option. In contrast to the alternative option Reservation list for this area you can print a list with several areas aligned next to each other including individual settings:

Now edit which column is displaying which area:

The required columns are printed side by side so you will get a clear list with all booked times:

HINT: To print a Pro's weekly overview, you have to use the day displacement:

Define the print out for one day and select the same area in each single column. No you enter one value higher than the day before in the field day displacement (1st column Monday = value 0; 2nd column Tuesday = value 1; 3rd column Wednesday = value 2; etc.)

Show options

You can activate the most commonly used elements under What information should be printed? by clicking on the respective check-box. Thus, the field names are automatically inserted into the text box.

But you can also use many other fields. Some of these can be added using the Insert additional field button. You can also manually change the text.

<NAME, FIRSTNAME.> Surname, forename
<ABC.> Options ABC (marked with „A“, „B“ and „C“)
<OPTAINF.> Option A text
<OPTBINF.> Option B text
<OPTCINF.> Option C text
<FOLGEBU.> Follow-up bookings
<BEMERK.> Remarks
<AREA> Area identifier (for example, „18L “)
<ANAME> Description of the area (for example, „18 Loch“)
<ARTICLE> Article
<FROM> From
<TO> To
<DURATION> Duration
<USER> The PC CADDIE user who made the booking
<DTNEW> Date and time of booking
<DTCHG> Date and time of the last changes made at the booking
<OK> Print „OK“ when booked

Via Timetable/Print…/Timetable or press D to get to the function Reservation list for this area. Compared to the freely definable reservation list this list is rather being used to get a quick overview of a single timetable area without too many details (e.g., for course marshals or your gastronomy).

Select the timetable area for which you want to print the reservation list. Change all further entries to your needs. By activating the field Special layout you can select a special layout for your print.

This can be selected by scrolling down the list. If you want to create a new layout, you can easily do this. More information about creating a layout will be discussed in another chapter.

Single person bookings

If a customer wants a printout of all his bookings, use this print method and look for this particular person or a specific text:

After you have selected the person and confirm with OK, PC CADDIE will show you all relevant reservations of this person:

Press Print (F8) to confirm the printout. You can add any kind of text to this printout.

In addition, PC CADDIE offers the option to create a customized layout for the printout of the reservations:

:!: By adding the special parameter TIBU_PRNTNEW this feature is activated. Please contact the PC CADDIE support for this.

There are several fields available to create the layout of the booking confirmation. Put together your very own layout based on the following options:

<XDATF > to <XDATT > Date range of the reservations
<XINFO> Additional info text
<BOOKINGS: > Basic command for listing the reservations
<POS> Continuous numbering
<DATE> Date of booking
<TIME> Time of booking
<PAX> Number of bookings
<PERSON> Person or text that was booked
<AREA> Booked timetable area
<BINF> Booking information
<RINF> Reference information
<ARTTEXT> Articles to be booked for the reservation
<ARTPRS> Unit price
<ARTPRT> Total price

List of rounds

Via Persons/Persons list you can print an overview of who has booked how many rounds in the timetable. To properly use this feature it is important that the correct layout exists:

In the layout, please select the following fields:

  • <L>

You can now manually enter the field for the count as shown in the screenshot:

  • <TT:1801:06.02.19-08.02.19>

  1. Include this command if you only want those players on the list who have played at least one round. If you drop it, all persons will be listed according to the person filter, even those with 0 rounds. Make sure that this command and those under points 3 and 4 are identical!
  2. The display of the number of rounds is initiated by the command TT.
  3. Followed by the short name of the timetable area. Here you can also consider several timetables for the count, these are then to be added (1801;1810)
  4. The considered period.
  5. Alternatively, you can also display No-Shows (the number in parentheses corresponds to the number of excused no-shows).
  6. Add this command if you also want to have the date of the last played round.

Occupancy list with users/employees

Additional commands allow you to also show who created the booking (created by <USER>), who changed it (modified by: <USERCHG>) or who deleted it (deleted by: <USERDEL>). YAQ means that the booking has not been deleted. Otherwise one sees the employee abbreviation behind the colon (on, Tester, riev).

Column 1: This must be activated if the cancellations should also be displayed.

No Show list / Cancelation list

Set-up as a worklist with user/employee with the restriction that there is no check mark for active booking (1).

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