Start list

You can print out start lists with various criteria. Go to the print function:
- directly from the competition information, right the button Print button on the right and then Start List
- or via the main menu Matches/Print/…Start List
- or you click with the right mouse button on the symbol shown below:

This opens this menu window:

Here you can directly print a ready-made start list with the selected basic settings.
In addition, there are various possibilities to add other desired information to this list.

For example, click on the button Edit textbutton, this window opens:

The header text corresponds to the standard text for the entry list (Matches/Print…/entry list). You can easily take over the text from the announcement or the entry list and add an individual header text.

  1. Load an already stored text here via Invitation to tender or entry list. If necessary, the text can be adapted.
  2. You can save this text as a text file save. Please use the file path suggested by PC CADDIE.

Further determine the order and which information (main list, buffer, waiting list) should be printed.

Activate the option Infooption, you have the option to select the following information:


NETTO results

The net or gross preliminary round results appear in the last list column in the order sorted by start time. Round results and totals are listed in order and separated by a slash. Of course, the results are only displayed from the second round of a tournament over several rounds are displayed. In a tournament with one round, this column remains empty:

GROSS results

The gross preliminary round results will be printed.

Time control

In the list for each game the passage times for the individual tees are printed.
If you select this option, on the right Time preset in. is activated.

Enter the Enter the target times in the course data or enter a time here:

Here you define the control holes and the time that the players are allowed to take until then. The list appears as follows:

all partners

This option is especially useful for alphabetical sorting - it lists all the match partners in one line next to the start time. This allows you to gather all the necessary information at a glance if, for example, someone calls to ask for their start time.

Start time follow-up round

With this option two start times are printed in the list, namely the one of the current round and the one of the next round. This option only makes sense if in the first and second round the flight division remains identical and only the times are changed (change 1st and 10th tee, early start/late start).

Individual information - Layout

To the right of this selection appears the button layout. You can use this button to define the layout of an individual List of persons to define the layout of an individual start list yourself.
Read on carefully. Different examples are explained below, from tea colour to payment info.

Please note that PC CADDIE can be changed depending on the Order „PC CADDIE uses two different list formats: one for the list in chronological order and one for the other orders. Before printing, check whether the correct layout has been selected.

Individual: Start list with TEAMNAME

:!: In order to form teams, you need the module „Team classification“ as a prerequisite! If you have a team ranking and want to print team names on the start list, use the following FIELDS:

Individual: Start list with payment information

Perhaps you would like to use the tab „Entry fee“ to indicate who has already paid the tournament fees.


Enter the entry fee for each player and activate the option „Already debited/paid“ as soon as payment has been made. You can also print out this list.

Individual: Start list with printout of information

Do members send you individual information when registering online? You would like to display this in a list, then use the field <TINFO>

Set the field to the appropriate size so that the whole test can be displayed.

Entry fee

The entry fee is printed out on the list for checking purposes. You set the entry fee amounts by clicking on Entry fee on the right. Please also note the section Entry fee.

Telephone number

With this list, the telephone numbers of the participants will be printed in addition to the names.

Telephone Information System

This option is relevant for the PC CADDIE add-on module Telephone information system of importance.

Tea colour

With this option you can print the colour of the tee.

However, you can also individually „Individual information and under Layout insert the following FIELDS:

Example of a self-defined start list with tea colour:

Time range

After activating Time range you can choose in which time range the list should be printed. This is done by specifying which hole and time until which hole and time the list is to be printed. This gives you the option of printing separate lists for the 1st and 10th tee or for mornings and afternoons.

Start lists as HTML file

You call this function via the Internet button. It is responsible for sending the file to the DGV intranet, PC CADDIE://online Tournament or Swissgolfnetwork. In addition, the file can be transferred via FTP to any server, provided that suitable data is stored.

Start the process with OK.

For more information on this topic, see FTP transfer.

Send start times by SMS

By clicking on the button SMS you create an SMS for each tournament participant who has deposited a mobile phone number with his start time and his flight partners.

Read more about the service-oriented service here Tournament SMS.

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