Handicap management

General information

In Austria, the master sheet is managed centrally on the ÖGV intranet (GOLF.AT). Members and competition data can be transferred directly to GOLF.AT via the interface, and the current master specifications of the golfers can be queried.

EDS Rounds

EDS rounds are handled directly in the GOLF.AT admin. There is nothing to do here in PC CADDIE.

PE and competitions

Please check your PC CADDIE version. Do you have the latest updates?

PE players can be further differentiated:
Only when the player has completed basic skills and tests is the ÖGV handing it over to PR, or STV -54 to PC CADDIE (player query). In addition, the tournament organizing club must be the golfer's training club (regardless of whether the player is a member somewhere or not).
If these criteria are not met, the player will continue to be considered with -59 (= PE) and CANNOT play in the tournament.

A competition must have at least 3 players according to ÖGV. So you can have 3 PR players compete in a competition. If there are only 1 or 2 PR players, the results must be entered directly on golf.at.

Download master sheets from GOLF.AT

You can download the master sheets of your members viaHandicaps/download all master sheets from GOLF.AT .

Download club data from GOLF.AT

You can download all existing clubs from GOLF.AT (without course data) by clicking on Setup/Load club data from GOLF.AT. The clubs are then available at your home club, and you can use them for guest players. If there are duplicate clubs downloaded from GOLF.AT, please always select the club with the national flag (if there is one).

Download course data

You can download course data, instead of creating it entirely manually.
You can find out how to do this here: Download course data from GOLF.AT.

We have refrained from recreating the documentation here. You can only see INTERNET instead of the GOLF.AT logo in the screenshots ;-).

:!: Please check the data carefully after downloading the course data. If you discover errors, you can change them manually. Please also report the corrections to the ÖGV, so that the data is updated accordingly at the association.

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