Stroke play with highest score

The DGV certified PC CADDIE version 2019 offers a new scoring method new scoring method - Stroke play/Highest score.

The programming is done in such a way that the competition can be handicap effective at any time, under any circumstances. So you can either fix the maximum score so low that 4 strokes per hole are still correctly calculated for the handicap effectiveness (there are also game handicaps of 60 …), or with Net par + 2 the maximum score for each player each hole is calculated individually, depending on the game requirements!

A maximum score per hole improves the game speed in stroke play tournaments. Since the handicap calculation is carried out according to Stableford, this is also not a problem for the handicap effectiveness of the competition.

This is what you have to do, providing your competition announcement allows it:

Create a Stroke play with highest score competition

Create a new tournament:

  1. Set the scoring Stroke play/Highest score
  2. Click on Details

  1. Set the check-mark for „Counting game with maximum number of strokes“.
  2. Select how many strokes are planned for a Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5. With the setting from our screenshot, even players with a GAME HANDICAP of 60, for example, could participate in the game. The handicap effectiveness calculates the stableford points per hole; 4 lines and 9 strokes on par 3, means exactly 0 points on a par 3. With this setting, the maximum score for the holes is the same for every player, regardless of the EGA game handicap.
  3. However, you can also set, for example: Net par + 2, as in the next image. This determines individually for each player and each hole what the maximum number of strokes is, so that a competition can also be carried out effectively.

Scorecard highest result

PC CADDIE automatically prints the highest hole's result on the scorecards - so that the player knows from when he can pick up the ball and try his luck on the next tee.

Enter results

When entering the result, it does not matter whether you enter the intended maximum result or an actually played number of strokes (for example, 20). When adding up the results, PC CADDIE will only add up the maximum result per hole set for the stroke play result!

Normal inputs for stroke play results:
For this screenshot, the highest result is set to Net par + 2; when entering the result you see the set maximum score per hole for a player, the same way you see it on the scorecard!

If you want to enter a line despite the stroke play, PC CADDIE suggests entering the maximum score:

As soon as you confirm the entry of maximum strokes, the 7 is automatically entered at this hole.

Result list like stroke play

he results are added up as for stroke play.
For example, if the result entered on par 5 is 15, only 11 strokes are added.
The Stabelford points for the handicap effectiveness are calculated as with the stroke play per hole!

The highest result settings are printed in the head on the lists:

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