Import tournaments

Importing a tournament is only possible if the tournament was previously exported.

Import from PC CADDIE Server

:!: PC CADDIE has to be installed at both sides (export and import).

You can import the tournament as soon as you know that another PC CADDIE club has exported it for you to the PC CADDIE server. Select Competition/Import tournament and click on Load available competition from internet.

The following window opens; click OK (no password needed).

Now you see a list of all available tournaments.

For most users, the list will show a slightly smaller number of tournaments, but you can also easily see which tournament has been made available to you. Note the „yellow color“, the tournament date, the date and time of the export, and you will quickly determine which tournament you want to import. Mark the tournament and click on OK.

There is an additional query regarding the course data since 2015. It is an advantage if you completely import the course data for other courses, but edit the data for your own course separately in a multi-course tournament.

The tournament will then be imported and you will find it in your tournament list.
:!: If your own course is part of the imported tournament, please enter it again (since you are not importing your own data)! This is the only way to ensure it's correctness! This also applies if your course is involved in a single round from a multi-round tournaments!

The import does not overwrite tournaments that are already in your internal list. The last status is shown in the list with a gray background, and can be used as an archive so that you can check it at any time.

Import from the Intranet


  • In this case the exporting club uses another club management program.
  • There is no international interface, the function can only be used within Germany or within Switzerland, i.e. both clubs (sender and recipient) must be in the same country.
  • It is particularly important that the exporting club also stores YOUR CLUB NUMBER when exporting the tournament, i.e., the number of the club that is authorized to download the tournament from the intranet.
  • If the club number is not stored, the tournament cannot be imported.
  • It is also important that each new stand is then transferred back to the intranet by the sender (start list, result list, possibly start list of the second round, etc.).

If you want to import a tournament uploaded to the INTRANET by a club using another club management software, you can do this via Competition/Import tournament and click on Load competition from intranet.

Continue with the Download competition from intranet button, from the bottom of the window.

You must enter the club number of the exporting club and the tournament ID in the following window. You can only request this from the exporting club. A tournament ID has 12 digits and looks like this: 490000353543 (49 is the country code for Germany)

  • Once the fields are filled, click OK to import the tournament.
  • For tournaments from the intranet, the course data must also be loaded and entered separately: Load course data
  • The sender club must transfer both the start list and the results list to the intranet so that the files on the intranet are also available for collection.

The prizes have to be revised after the import: Prize categories

Import from file

You can only import tournament files that were previously created with PC CADDIE.

If, from various reasons, you cannot use the Import tournament from PC CADDIE Server option, click on Competition/Import tournament and select Import tournament from file. You can read the file from a USB stick, or get it as an email attachment. Save the file on your PC.

Pay attention to the following:

  1. If you select a tournament as the destination, it will be overwritten; if in doubt, leave the field empty - you will get the imported tournament as a NEW tournament.
  2. The check-marks from the image are standard, and work for most cases.
  3. Set no check-mark under „CAUTION“; ask PC CADDIE Support in case of doubt. Make a Fast backup beforehand.
  4. Select the directory from which you want to import the tournament.

Click OK. Then you will find the tournament in your tournament list.

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