Aggregate (handicap qualifying)

According to the rules and guidelines, „Four ball aggregate“ can be processed without handicaps, because both of the players of a team are starting in the same flight. This results in the following process for a tournament that has handicaps and must have an aggregate score at the same time:

The tournament is set as Aggregate handicap and the aggregate score is implemented as an individual team score.
This setting is not available for „ready game forms“. The „ready game forms“ are set specially for the Austrian Golf Association and can only be expanded if the Austrian Golf Association needs to make a change.

Creating new matches

Choosing the format

It is important that you select Aggregate handicap game form by aggregate handicap.

You can either select „Ready game forms“ Individual Stableford stroke play or Individual stroke play, however, you then have to set the start and results lists and score cards accordingly. The individual team score works the same ways as the „Aggregate handicap“ gam form. Only game forms that are supported by the ÖGV (Austrian Golf Association) are set up.

Setting team scores

Process the aggregate score that adds the results of a pair with Team scoring and proceed as follows:

Check if the team score module for your PC CADDIE is licensed. Look in the tournament entry mask:

You can directly assemble the teams in the game editor:

Then select Team

  • Give every 2 players the same team number and name, for example, „Team 1“ or „Sample team“
  • Select „Only if best“ and „Total“ for the score

Optionally: Putting together teams with priorities

Make sure that each player is assigned to a team. You can check with the Team scoring button in the tournament mask. Click on Team scoring.

This window shows if all of the players are assigned to a team. You can also check that sure that „Only if best“ is set for all players, or set the score on the Helper.

:!: Be especially careful of the Leave teams point!

Select „Total of the best 2 scores of one club/group“ and click on Sort.

:!: Particularly important: Here, select Keep teams and confirm with OK.

There will be a question that you confirm with Yes if you are sure.

Starting list teams with separate games

During the creation of a starting list, the players that are on one team can automatically be separated. Check the Team box in the groups' „Flight check“. That way, players who are on one team are assigned different games:

General information on: Formatting starting lists

Printing starting lists with team names

If you have assigned team names, you can also print them with the starting list. Deposit an individual starting list layout.

General information on Printing starting lists

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