Match play

You can enter all types of results for match play and transfer them to the Intranet!


In match play, the players play individually (or in pairs in the case of foursome match play games) against each other. Generally, the results only show who has won or lost a hole, or if the hole ended as a draw.

There are 2 variants for the distribution of handicap strokes:

  • According to the DGV recommendation, handicap strokes are better given on the holes whose handicap distribution key lies between the handicap of the better player and that of the weaker player, since this is fairer. This variant has been the default in PC CADDIE since the recommendation was given, in 2016.
  • Until 2015, the difference between the opponents' handicaps was given in ascending order, starting with the hardest hole. If you want this old distribution, deactivate the new standard settings: distribution over the differential holes.

Net Single match play

Tournament settings

General information on creating games

Set the match type to „Singles“ and the „Scoring system“ to match play in the basic tournament settings. It is very often calculated with a HCP factor of 3/4. Read your description!

Setting - distribution of strokes

Click on „Details“ on the right of the „Playing form“ to see the settings for the distribution of the default strokes or to change them if necessary. Read more about this:Stroke distribution on the scorecard.

Starting list

Create a starting list as usual by only putting the two players who have to play against each other in a 2nd game.

After the handicap compensation that you usually do on the Internet, you'll see the determine difference between the two players' handicaps on the current starting list (the better player is set to 0, the weaker player gets the difference between the handicaps).

Standard score card before 2016

In the following screenshot, we are showing you a printed score card that is for both players, the weaker player receives 3/4 of the difference between both players' handicaps on the holes beginning with the handicap 1:

Standard score card from 2016

According to the DGV, the handicap shots are better given on the holes (= difference holes), whose handicap distribution key lies between the handicap of the better player and that of the weaker player. This is fairer for a match play.
Meaning: Since the game is played against each other, all the strokes that both players would get if the game was fully played (or 3/4) are removed. All that remains is the lines on the so-called „difference holes“; the holes at which only the weaker player (with full or 3/4 handicap) would get additional strokes.

With the 3/4 handicap factor:
First, the difference between the players' full handicaps is determined, then 3/4 of that number is calculated and rounded up, then you see what the better player's handicap is with the 3/4 HCP factor (in our example, the handicap would be 17), therefore, the handicap strokes begin with 18 on the score card, then 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Entering results

There are several ways to enter results, and you can mix these ways within a tournament depending on how the players have filled the match play score card in!
You will see the respective match play opponents in the entry on the display.

Variant 1 - Total result

As soon as a gross result has been entered, 4 down, for example, the net field (that isn't needed) is filled in automatically. The opponent's result field is also filled in automatically with 4 up (see the 2nd screenshot).

Variant 2 - Holes lost or won

Go to „Hole results“ and enter as follows:

  • Hole won: +
  • Hole lost: -
  • Draw: 0 (Zero)
  • not started or the game won as given

With this variant, the opponent's results are also filled in at the same time, if you have entered a +, the opponent gets a minus for the same hole (only one player can win the hole ;-))
You also see the opponent's result in the par column, and you can see the partner's handicap for the particular hole in the „W“ column (if it's presented as a +, the opponent is about to take a shot):

Variant 3 - Entering numbers

The opponent's result is also entered in this variant. PC CADDIE then determines the winner or loser of the hole from the opponent's numbers and handicaps. If the 2nd player's result is entered, you can see the hole's par and the opponent's result in the „Par“ column: 4/6 (Par4/played6)

Player list results

Regardless of how the results were entered (above variants), if you click on the player list, all of the results are already standardized. 4dn&2 means that the player scored lower than the opponent on 4 holes, and the last two holes don't need to be played anymore (no entry for the last two holes).

Singles match play results list

The printed results list lists the pairs, the winner is always printed a bit bolder and is above the opponent. There are no results listed for the loser (this is necessary, if the winner won by 4, the loser's 4 down result does not need to be emphasized). 4&2 here means that the player won by 4 and the last two holes weren't played, therefore this result is „higher quality“ and comes before the other 4 up results (depending on the entry, you would otherwise have to enter a playoff result).

Team scores results list

You can also assign teams and print the Team scores at any time. In our case, Team 1 has 2.5 points, as does Team 2, the teams have played to a draw. Each team won twice, lost twice, and drew once. In the following screenshot, we print the team scores.

Annual match play - tree on the Internet

Customers who work with the PCCADDIE:://Online Tournament management can put Match play results online as a tree view (further tips for tree creation can be found after the screenshot):

Example of the final tree

Publishing the Match play tree

The menu item „Matchplay“ in the tournament calendar can be activated on request. To do this, please contact the PC CADDIE online support at

When the results list is published, the tournament is displayed under „Matchplay“. After you enter the results, you have to update the tournament ONLINE every time (Internet + Okay). Please note that the „Matchplay result display“ must also be activated under Internet.

Create match play

Create a tournament with the appropriate number of holes: for 16 players: 72 holes for 4 rounds; for 32 players: 90 holes for 5 rounds, etc. Set the game form to SINGLE and the counting mode to HOLE COMPETITION
In the date field, enter either the start date of the round or the date on which all pairs must have played (just as your players are used to).

1st round start list

Create a start list with start times in batches of two. This is important so that the tree can be created on your homepage.
You can also use it to print a scorecard for the players. The players can still make individual arrangements for the game (as is usual with the annual match play).

SMS for pairs

If you want to send players SMS about pairings, be creative. It makes little sense to turn off the information on the (provisional) start time, because the next match play may be CLUB against CLUB, and you need the start time in the SMS.
If you keep the text short (the example is almost too long, because the names of the two players in the pairing should still be given), it may look like this:

Enter results for the 1st round

Read: Entering results
Each time you enter results, make sure you transfer the competition to your homepage again, so that the tree fills up bit by bit.

Start the next rounds

As soon as all results from the 1st round have been entered, you can load the match play winners from the 1st round into the 2nd round with the Cut function.

If you want to create a start list for the 2nd round, just leave the order of the players as they were loaded - this corresponds to the „tree view“. This is also possible if you no longer create a start list for the subsequent rounds, it suffices to enter the results. The pairs that have to play against each other are determined by the start list of the first round and the result entries.

Match play Fourball

The evaluation is not supported for match play with 2 individual results per pair or players! Here you can only print scorecards!!! This refers to the four-ball (and the aggregate).

Classic foursome, foursome selection drive and Capman foursome can be evaluated as a match play, since there is only 1 result for each pairing!!

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