Multi-round tournament in several clubs

For all clubs involved: if you are planning a multi-round tournament in which, for example, three rounds are played each in a different golf club, and in the end you want the overall rating for all 3 rounds, please note the following tips. (We assume that all clubs use PC CADDIE to handle tournaments.)

:!: A multi-round tournament can only be displayed in 1 club in the INTRANET !
Please also ensure that you have the latest version of PC CADDIE. Download updates ⇒ here.

Round 1

Several courses in one competition
Load course data for each club
Special settings for Switzerland

The club that handles the first round can handle the golf round as usual up to and including the tournament completion (for handicap effective tournaments) and then prepare the second round.

:!: After the tournament completion, all players must be loaded into the next round and a start list (at least provisionally with times) for the following round should be created..
Only AFTERWARDS can the tournament be exported to the next club. This is the only way to correctly display the changed handicaps and the home club for the second round. The players were already checked on the intranet at the start of the first round..
:!: With this procedure, the participants of the second round will not appear with „unknown home club“.

How to load the players into the second round:Load players from the previous round
:!: ALL players are loaded into the next round if you leave the default settings at Define Cut.

Then export to the next club: Export tournaments
:!: Please export to the PC CADDIE server.
Inform the club that is handling the next round that the tournament is ready for import!

:!: After you have exported to the next club, you should no longer publish the tournament on the Internet. In INTRANET, a tournament can only be published by one club (the INTRANET will not publish the same tournament in several clubs). if you start the publishing process anyway, you will receive a warning message! In this case, inform the club that is handling the next round, so that the players can find the start list for the next round in the club (Internet) where the game is taking place!

Round 2

The club that is handling the second round now imports the tournament: Import tournament
Import from the PC CADDIE server with the button Load available competition from internet.
In a multi-round tournament, your place data number is already set in one round.
:!: In any case, after importing, actively re-enter your own course in the tournament (if you followed the importing guidelines, you did not import your own course data as well!)

Check the imported tournament for tournament completion and new handicaps for the second round, after you had filled in your data.
To do this, print out the result list for the first round. The column with the new handicaps shows that the tournament is over. If the players have already been loaded into the second round AND a start list has already been created by the previous club, the new handicaps should already be visible in the player editor of the second round.
Switzerland: Remove the check-mark from always keep the HCP from the first round„ in order to check the handicaps for the second round, and place it again after you do the checking
You can then change your start list (flights) at any time if necessary. „Unknown home club“ is not on the list.

:!: You do NOT need an additional intranet synchronization. This would actually be counter productive! Keep in mind that the HCPs available on the intranet are the ones provided by the respective home clubs of the players. If a home-club hasn't connected to the intranet after the 1st round, and as such not updated the handicap of their golfers, you may also get „outdated“ handicaps in the event of an intranet synchronization for the 2nd round. The HCPs are definitely correct only if you load the handicaps after the end of the 1st round!!!

:!: Manage the second round as usually, make the [en:wettspiele:turnierpraxis:mehrrundeninmehrclubs#only_start_tournament_completion_for_individual_rounds|Tournament closing only for the second round]], load he players from the 2nd round to the 3rd one, create the start list for the 3rd round, and ONLY AFTERWARDS export to the 3rd club so that they can import the tournament (note the important information about the 1st round and act in the same way!).

Round 3

Import the tournament in the same way described above for the club that completed the second round and make the same checks/updates. At the end of the round, you only have to complete the third round and print out the entire result list for all three rounds.

:!:In particular, read the explanations for the 2nd round!

Special settings for Switzerland

According to the regulations, it is always recommended to calculate the net points on the result lists for multi-round tournaments with the starting handicap of the first round. However, the tournament is also completed after each round. It is assumed that it is fairer for the players if the handicap of the 1st round is always used for the result lists:
Player 1 improves in the 1st round, and would have less points in the 2nd round without the special setting
Player 2 only improves in round 2 (played the same as player 1 in round 1); without the special setting, he would have an advantage over player 1 for the total points from the rounds.
This is prevented by the following setting.
Click „Details“ on the right of the Playing form.

If the check mark is set, you can close the tournament after each round as recommended, and yet the net points for all rounds for the result list are always determined with the starting handicap of the first round. The handicap lines are also printed on the scorecards for the handicap from the first round (if the player had a higher target in the first round).

:!: The scorecards from round 2 then show both the starting handicap of the first round (information for the player - this handicap is used to calculate the points for the results list) and the actual handicap, which was determined by the tournament completion of the preliminary round.
If the handicap strokes are also printed on the scorecards (standard at Stableford), the strokes for the higher handicap are always printed. This means that if a player's handicap has worsened in the 1st round and he now has a higher game handicap according to the handicap table, this handicap will also be printed (without the preliminary round one would not have this advantage).

Scorecard example: the player's handicap has worsened in the 1st round. The current master handicap is 6.4 after the first round, which means that he has game handicap 6 on the scorecard for the handicap calculation, game handicap 5 is the starting handicap of the first round, which is used for the result lists. In this case, by printing both game handicaps, the player is informed that he has 1 stroke more than in the 1st round!

Scorecard example: the player's handicap has improved in the 1st round. The current handicap is 26.8 after the first round. The game handicap 32 is determined with the starting handicap from the first round. In this case, the player has the same handicap for the game as from the 1st round, a clear indication of a changed game handicap is unnecessary for the game.

Only start tournament completion for individual rounds

As usual, select the button Transfer scores in the tournament mask and remove the check-mark for and all preliminary rounds for the 2nd and 3rd round.

This may happen

Players are not entered into the next round

After importing the tournament, you will find that the players are not entered into the next round. The tournament is completed, however, as you can see after printing out the results of the first round.

:!: If you can still reach the previous club, ask them to enter the players to the next round and create a start list with times and then export the tournament again.

If this is not possible, create the starting list yourself (as described above).
However, in this case the new changed handicaps are not automatically in the second round.
You have to do the Intranet synchronization for the second round. To do this, click INTERNET in the basic tournament settings on the right. If you now click onCheck player and place on the intranet you will be asked to select the round:

:!: The intranet synchronization only changes the HCPs of the second round. However, it is imperative that you compare the new handicaps that were determined after the completion of the 1st round with the starting handicaps of the 2nd round!
:!: Please note that you will only receive the new handicaps correctly from the intranet if the intranet synchronization has already been made after the 1st round in the club that completed the first round.
:!: In addition: all home clubs of all guests in the tournament should have made the intranet synchronization after the round has finished. Since the master sheets are kept locally in the clubs, a new handicap cannot be called up on the intranet until the player's home club has connected to the intranet and picked up the result. Sometimes this may take a little time.

Individual players with "unknown home club"

If you only occasionally have a player with „unknown home club“, edit this directly in the player editor by opening it with the magnifying glass button and performing an intranet check from within the person's mask. This requires less „checking effort“ than checking all players in the round on the intranet.

Individual HCPs do not match after intranet check

Change this HCP manually for the players in the round's game editor. Mark the player, open it by clicking on the magnifying glass button, and change the HCP for the round as it was determined on the results list of the preliminary round.

Tournament master - Intranet DGV or Swiss Golf

On the intranet, past and imported tournaments always have the same tournament ID. Therefore, the last uploaded state is always displayed on the intranet. In practice, for example, the club that completed the first round uploads the list of results to the intranet and exports to the second club. The 2nd club then exports the start list for the 2nd round to the intranet.
:!: If the 1st club exported to the intranet again, the following warning appears! You should either inform the named club or you should choose „Cancel“!
:!: Reason: if the 1st club sends the results list of the 1st round again, the export of the start list of the 2nd round would be removed from the club mentioned in the warning on the intranet! This is because the intranet only recognizes that the tournament has been exported again!

In our example, the „affected other club“ is called PCCADDIE:OnlineGast from D (Deutschland)

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