Course rating table

Course rating table

The golf associations provide the course rating values for all golf clubs, which are previously entered in the course data: Load course data from Intranet.

You can print the playing handicap table by selecting Handicaps/Print…/Course Rating Table:

  • Before you enter new data you can use the button Reset to restore the default settings. The filled fields will be cleared and the tee colors set at the default positions.
  • Then use the CR data button, enter the club number, press Enter, and you reach the club course selection. You can then print the Rating Table for all the courses (e.g., 18 holes and 9 holes rating)
  • The course rating data should have been provided by the golf association. If the course data has already been added to PC CADIIE, you can find the values under Settings/Clubs + Courses/new, edit, delete… by searching for your club and clicking Enter course details.
  • You can also load the CR data from the course details! Click CR data (see screenshot above) and enter the club number. Confirm and select the course.
  • Or enter all existing course details into the provided boxes of the course rating table (you have to do this manually only in exceptional cases).
  • The standard positions (reset and fill-in the preset positions) are important if you want to print the handicap lists including playing handicaps.
  • The button Enter colour/Special settings (F7) is only needed in exceptional cases. The colors are specified in German or English, depending on the country, and should be left as they are. Please contact our PC CADDIE support if you have any further questions concerning these buttons.
  • Leave the other fields blank. Start printing the table with Print (F8):

  • Make sure that you have the course rating table within reach at all times for all your courses. Note the functions Save and Load. When entering new course details, click Save and enter a new file name and the date of the input. The name should be relevant, for example, Holes 1-18 GC Sunshine. The next one could be named: Holes 1-9 GC Sunshine. You can therefore create different course rating tables for the printout. You can load the data using the Load button.
  • If you do not have a colour printer you can save the course rating table as a file via Print to PDF and send it to a copy shop via e-mail or save it on an USB stick.

Handicap calculation provides all the information you need for calculating the handicap. This calculation also applies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for 9-holes courses: Handicap calculation

IMPORTANT: the EGA handicap is always shown in Germany and Switzerland without the minus sign, but it should be always „read“ with MINUS
so an EGA handicap of 5.5. should always be considered -5.5 !!!
The minus sign is always shown in Austria!

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