Instructions for use of cash register

Please switch to an account area for the cash register, e.g., SALES.

Now open the cash register with the button Cash register in the PC CADDIE icon bar or via Accounts/Cash register:

The opened cash register window looks like this:

Select customer

Enter the search abbreviation of the required customer in the field Customer (F9), the full name or just a part of the name, then all matching names will be displayed. Another option is the button for the list function right next to it. If you are working with a Cherry keyboard you can swipe through the magnetic strip of a DGV-membership card and the customer will be selected immediately.

If the person does not exist yet, you can Register new person. Or, if you do not want to register this new person, setup one person you will continue using for these postings, e.g., for renting out golf cars. Set up a new person like „guest“ or „occasional customer“ for these situations.

Select article

There are a number of possible options for selecting an article using the field Article:

  • Entering the search abbreviation of the article
  • Entering the article's name or a part of the name
  • Button list function (F2)
  • By scanning the article with existing labels and bar codes

After clicking OK the last article will be listed in the cash register. Select the article and you could adjust the amount be entering the number in the field No. For the quick selection of articles, we recommend the quick selection mode, see chapter Cash register - quick selection.

When selecting an article with the status „print bag-tag“ the window „Book greenfee“ will pop up.

  1. If you want to print out four bag-tags for the same person, increase the „No. of players“ to „4.00“.
  2. Enter a special price for this customer
  3. A different player can be entered here (the bag-tag will be printed with this name).
  4. If required you could add additional text to be printed.
  5. Also you could add several fields concerning the course data to this bag-tag.

The detailed settings for the bag-tag are configured in the category of the Cash register. Please also contact our PC CADDIE support in this matter.

Press OK and the article is listed in the cash register.

In the cash register window you can see the customer on the left-hand side and the selected article on the other side:

You can select multiple articles for one single customer one by one.

Press the button Greenfee (F8) to open the Book greenfee window immediately. If you need to repeat printing a bag-tag, select Repeat and Repeat transaction (F8).

Pay article

Start the payment process by selecting Payment (F12). The payment window looks like this:

  1. Now you select the payment method by putting the cursor in the according field, the amount will switch instantly to that position. What kind of payment methods can be selected in this window, can be defined in another section here: Cash register - method of payment
  2. Set up the printing of receipts according to your needs.
  3. The function Invoice to account will be explained in the next chapter.
  4. Prints a provisional receipt without completing the payment process.
  5. This option provides the possibility to transfer the payment to another person. You will see the following window:

Enter the relevant person and the payment will be posted to this person.

Press OK and the payment process is completed. Press Repeat (F4) in the cash register and you can view all made postings.

Articles - split payment

If you have the items in the cash register and you want to split the amount, click on the magic wand in the cash register.

Then split on current customers

1. Select the clients to which you want to split the article. 2. Select the item you want to move to the selected customers.

Then click finish or pay now. When you finish, the items are assigned to the selected customers and you can book additional items. If you click on pay, the booking is done immediately.

Using the card system

You can also use the PC Card System with the cash register. With the button Card you can edit cards, key fobs etc..

:!: If you are using the PC Card System, the option Clubcard will be available with the payment transaction. This can be used for payment if the customer still has credit left on his card and wants to use it for the payments:

HINT: Card payments can be used across account categories. For the configuration of this setup you can contact our PC CADDIE Support.

Post outstanding items

Find out more about this topic here: Post outstanding items.

Reverse entry of article

An entry that has not been paid yet and is still listed in the cash register, can be removed by using the button Delete (F5).

An entry that has been paid can only be retrieved to the cash register with a reversal procedure as long as no daily balance was performed. To do this, select Repeat (F4). The next window will show all posted entries. Select the entry you want to reverse and select Reversal (F5). This will open the following mask:

Click Reverse payment and pay again and the Payment will be cancelled and the article retrieved to the cash register for further editing.

Now you can change the Payment method. This might occur when a customer realizes not having enough cash on hand as needed, but you have already completed the payment transaction by cash payment. Click Payment (F12) and you can select a different type of payment, e.g., card payment.

If you have to cancel the article completely, click Reversal (F5):

With OK, a reversing entry will be made and you can select Pay-out to complete this transaction. Now the posted entry has been reversed completely. Go to Repeat and you will see that the first entry is marked with the letters „rev.“ for reversal.

Revers invoice (F5) will cancel an Invoice, but the payment remains and the cash stays in the cash register. This might occur if, for example, a guest complains about the listed token on his invoice which he never received and does not want anyway. In this case you will have to make a pay-out from your cash register.

For example, reverse the article „token“. Then you select Pay-out and the payment mask will suggest the according pay-out amount. This is the amount you hand out to the customer.

Reverse entry of article after a daily balance

As soon as a daily balance was performed, all transactions are completed and will no longer be visible when selecting Repeat. With the option Archive it is possible to retrieve postings to the cash register.

After entering the customer and the invoice number, which have to found in the account entries in advance, the following window will open:

Select Reactivate invoice for reversal and the complete entry will be retrieved and listed in the cash register. To adjust the entry, select the article an click Reversal.

Another option for reversing entries is using negative numbers. Select the customer once again in the cash register and enter the greenfee article you want to adjust, then enter the correcting number in the field No. of players with a negative sign, e.g., „-1“:

Confirm your entry with OK.

You can see the entries in the cash register's mask.

To complete the transaction, select Pay-out and the according payment method, or select post to account to add the amount as credit to the customer's account. You will get the following options:

Use Post as credit and the amount remains as credit.

Discount an article

Greenfee articles: After selecting a green fee article you can enter a special price:

Discount in cash register: After you have selected an article in the cash register you can adjust the price with the button Special (F7).

  1. In the discount field you enter the percentage rate, e.g., 10 %, the price will be reduced be 10 %.
  2. The individual price can be adjusted.
  3. The total can be adjusted.

Press OK and PC CADDIE will ask for the reason of discounting the price:

This reason will be printed on the receipt. After that the new article will be adjusted in the cash register.

If a customer is buying several articles and should get a total discount of 10 %, use the button Discount while processing the payment.

Enter the percentage rate and the payable amount will be calculated. Complete the transaction with OK.

User balance and daily balance

Display ball card usage in daily balance

To ensure that the usage of ball cards is listed in the daily balance, you will have to set up the following article.

As soon as a payment with the ball card was made, the transaction will be recorded in the daily balance as follows:

Release the cash register

The daily closing automatically releases the cash register. If this is not the case, you can do it with the key combination Shift + F12.

This is only necessary if the cash register is assigned to one person only.

Using the cash book

Access the Cash book via the button Pay-in/-out.

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