Post outstanding items

PC CADDIE offers the possibility to manage outstanding items of cash postings in a separate account area. This has the great advantage that you can constantly keep track of the outstanding amounts and handle them easily and effectively. Our PC CADDIE support is happy to help you with setting up this OI area.

Cash register - Post to account as invoice

With this option you can transfer outstanding items to the accounts (open item postings). The payment can be done at a later date. If you click the button Post as invoice to account during the payment procedure, the following window will pop up:

Click OK and the transaction is completed.

When selecting this customer in the cash register at another time, you will see the outstanding amount coloured in red or a credit coloured in green at the top right.

If you have set up a so called OI area, the outstanding items will be transferred to this open item area automatically.

If you would like to enable „on account“ only for customers with direct debit authorization, please contact our support department.

If you only want to block account booking for isolated customers, enter the additional information „NOOP“ (without quotation marks) in the person mask.

So if you want to generate an invoice of these outstanding amounts, you can do this in the OI area (please read more about this in the chapter Edit accounts).

The payment of these outstanding invoices can be made by cash, credit card or bank transfer. The further approach for these payment methods varies. Please read more about in in the following chapters.

Payment of outstanding items by cash or credit card

First of all, you have to select the customer in the cash register. Paying an outstanding amount is carried out with the button Account.

  1. OI-Invoice: Here you can print an invoice for the open items!
  2. After clicking on PAY you receive the usual „pay“ window of the cash register. PC CADDIE automatically calculates and proposes the total amount to be paid.
  3. Billing prints the cash register receipt.
  4. By clicking on Cash register you are prompted back to the cash register window.
  5. Repeat shows you the overview of the receipts created since the last day's closing.
  6. Show account brings you to the sales account of the customer's cash register
  7. Display clearing account changes to the sales account of the customer in the account area for the open items.
  8. Refresh invoices is used, for example, if you have a lot of receipts but did not set the correct check-marks. The invoices are loaded again with all the check-marks set.
  9. Switch activation removes all check-marks on the invoices.

Payment of outstanding items by bank transfer

An outstanding invoice was paid by bank transfer and now you want to record this transaction in PC CADDIE. If the cash register window is still open, please close it. Now select the relevant account area where the open invoice is posted (e.g., OI) and open the turnover account via Accounts/Edit Accounts.

The outstanding amount can be found here as a white, recorded invoice entry

Click Payment.

The following window opens:

  1. Amount paid: PC CADDIE totals the outstanding amount up to today.
  2. Type of payment: Please select the payment method, using the list button on the right-hand side.
  3. Information: This row is meant for additional notes/remarks.
  4. Payment date: The current date will be suggested, but can be changed if required.

After you click Book, the window Select the invoice number appears. So if there is an invoice, it will be selected and highlighted in blue. The payment will be allocated to this invoice. If you do not select an invoice (no highlighting) and post the amount to the account, all outstanding invoices will be allocated a proportionate amount. This can be spotted by the red circle on the right-hand side.

Click OK to complete the transaction. In the customer's turnover account the payment will be recorded and marked by a green check mark:

If no invoice was selected you will see the red circle - as mentioned above:

:!: A bank transfer can also be entered like a cash or credit card payment in the cash register. This might be an interesting option when working with the bookkeeping export. So with this option you can make sure that this posting will be exported together with the export of the cash area. This can be very handy if you do not have direct debit in your OI area (discuss further details with our support). The total amount will be listed on your daily balance. And this will be transferred to the bookkeeping with the export.

Advance payments

Image the situation, that customers pay their fees in advance before even receiving the item, a so called advance payment. This amount has to be recorded as credit in the account.

Open the customer via the cash register. The payment of a fee has to be done by Book out. PC CADDIE will show the usual payment mask:

Select the payment type and enter the amount. You will see the amount listed next to „Money to return“, but this is correct. Confirm with OK:

Now it is important that the amount will be posted as credit. If you have set up the OI area, this entry will be transferred to this area immediately.

Open this customer in the cash register. Do you see the credit of 100.00 euros in green fonts?

Cancel OI bookings

Since you can only cancel cash desk postings with corresponding offsetting entries in the cash register, this also applies to postings in the OI area.

The cash register entry has already been made a few days ago (closing day has already been printed), the amount is available in the OI area and should now be debited:

Here is our example - Emma Mustermann has € 14, - open, which will be shown in the upper right corner of the cashier window.

You now need the invoice number of this booking. To do this, select the customer on the left side of the cashier window and click Acount and Show account.

The invoice number of Emma Mustermann is 35 in our example:

Back in the cashier window press the button Repeat and Archive

Enter again the customer and the invoice number in the window select invoice .

then click OK.

Then click on Reactivate invoice for cancellation, and the booking can be found again in the cash register.


Please make a normal cancellation: mark the item (in our example the Riesling), and click Cancel to cancel the booking.

The last step is to clear the account with the help of Book to the account


Please pay attention to Book as credit when checking out.

The open balance is updated in the upper right corner as soon as you call the customer in the cash register. You can double-check the account, just to be sure:

One OI area for multiple cash account areas

At any time it is possible to manage open items of several cash account areas in a single OI area. Imagine restaurant postings or pro shop postings that are outstanding and should be managed in one and the same OI area. Contact our PC CADDIE support if you want this configuration.

Two OI areas for a cash account area

This variant is also possible with PC CADDIE. An example in which you could use this option would be a gastro cash register area that flows into two OI areas (e.g., GMBH and CONSUMPTION). For example, the bills of the hotel guests are administered in the GMBH area, and the open posts of the restaurant guests in the CONSUMPTION area.

The settings can be found under Setup/Program Options/Cash register-payment.

The order of the two areas should be chosen meaningfully; the area you need most is at the top of the configuration.

Please note that the two areas that you define here must be contribution account areas.

In the cash register in the gastro, this setting has the following effect: You normally book a consumption openly into the guest's account and then you can select the appropriate OI area with the button OK:

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