New, change, delete

PC CADDIE offers an essential editing tool for adding, viewing or editing persons or players . PC CADDIE does not differ between members, guests, companies or clubs, as they are all customers who can have an address, telephone number and more. The Person characteristics will give you the possibility to separate guests from members. Use the given advantage of a standardized administration for all persons and players.

Select Persons/… new, change, delete from the main menu or click the first button from the colored icon bar:

Select customer

This pop-up window will appear which allows you to easily find or choose a customer in PC CADDIE.

Enter search-abbreviation

This search box allows you to find everything your heart desires. try looking for: name, surname, membership numbers, phone numbers, account numbers, email addresses, or enter the search shortcuts in order to quickly select people.

The abbreviation is always made up of the first two letters of the surname and the first two letters of the first name. If you do not know the abbreviation simply enter the first three to five letters of the surname. Typing a comma after three letters will make the database show all existing persons which have names beginning with these three letters.

Then just click OK and the list will jump to the corresponding position. Use your arrow keys to scroll up and down.


Click on the Filter button and choose a filter to select only a certain group of customers. The symbol from the left-side of the button colors in red if a symbol is set.

Person filter's pages

Please set the following options if you want to scroll through the persons' masks by member number and not alphabetically.

The filter opens:

Check the box. You can browse using F3 for moving backwards or F4 for moving forward. You could, of course, also choose to use the filter „All Members“ if you want to scroll through your members' numbers.

Clicking the arrow provides additional sorting options.

The Filtering functionality is described here.

Additional functions

  1. Confirmation of the entry, the selected data is opened.
  2. Opens an empty persons mask to enter a new customer.
  3. The selected customer's mask opens for further processing. Clicking on „Change“ allows you to activate and modify the already saved characteristics.
  4. Delete the selected customer (works as long as there is nothing booked on the customer's account)
  5. Only works with ID- & Automats; it opens the personal data of the customer
  6. Search for a customer based on name and surname
  7. Moves to the next found record (based on 6)
  8. Closes the window

Person-master data - Input window

To enter a new person, please select New (F9). At best you begin with the head of the family (or the person to contact). The following input window appears:

General functions of the buttons

Now to a short explanation to all the buttons aligned on the right side of an input window. These buttons appear in different dialogue windows, having the same function:

  1. The button in the middle is used to choose a person (you can also hit F9). To swap forward to the next person click „“ (or hit F3). Go back via „“ (or hit F4).
  2. Activating the Filter (F12) can limit the group of persons that you are scrolling through (if a filter is activated the symbol on the right on the button is colored in red). This way you can, for example, browse only the members.
  3. Opens as empty person mask allowing you to create a new data record.
  4. Edit already opened customers . When clicked, the fields highlighted in gray in the locked mode become active and can be edited. The button changes to Save and saves the changes. PC CADDIE automatically saves, you don't have to click Save and change each time you edit people.
  5. Delete a customer (only possible as long as there is nothing booked on the customer's account).
  6. Copy (F6) is useful for the quick Creation of family members, becomes active as soon as you click the Edit/Change buttons.
  7. View the Sales account of a person (Alt + U).
  8. Print Master Data, Greenfee cards and more (F8).
  9. Exports data for text processing documents (e.g. Mail Merge, created with Word in Windows or OpenOffice). More information available under Create a single letter using a template.
  10. Send a PC CADDIE://online WebSMS to this person.
  11. Only works with ID- & Automats; it opens the personal data of the customer for processing.
  12. This button can block a card for a specific person. it can be used to create blocking card, a un-blocking card and an admin card. Find out more information about ID- & Automats.
  13. Register this person online, synchronize the data or reset the password.
  14. Quit ends the editing mode and saves your changes. You can also hit the escape-key, in which case a check-window will pop up asking you if you wish to save your changes. In case you click “No”, your changes will not be saved.

Linking to the modules from the persons input window

  1. The button Competition shows you for which competitions the person has signed up for. Using the button Select comp. (F4) you can directly enter the person into a competition (more information available under Edit players, create start list). Furthermore, you can delete the person from competitions. More details can be found under Competitions.
  2. Clicking Cash register will bring you directly in the Cash register area, so you can make your bookings.
  3. Click Timetable and PC CADDIE will search for all start times, which were booked in the name of this person. These can also be printed.
  4. The button Intranet will launch a synchronization with the DGV (or ASG or ÖGV) and the update of the persons data, including the exact handicap.


Please always leave the automatic search-abbreviation New, as PC CADDIE will fill out this field itself. PC CADDIE will use the first two letters of the person’s last name and the first two letters of the first name to create the matching abbreviation.

Example: Anita Sonnenschein = soan. The search-abbreviation will be uniquely defined by PC CADDIE, so no person will have the same abbreviation as any other person. It can surely happen that there are different people who should receive the same abbreviation, but in this case the last letter will simply be replaced by a number.

Anna Sonderbar will then have the abbreviation “soa1” and Anton Sonett “soa2”.

If you are searching for Anna Sonderbar you just type in “soan” and PC CADDIE will give you a list with all matching results, so you can easily find the person you are looking for.

Exception in Germany: Benedikt Schmedding = ßmbe („Sch“ will be „ß“, but only in Germany as other countries do not have the letter „ß“. In other countries the search-abbreviation would be “smbe”).


PC CADDIE will allocate the number (No.) automatically. But only the last six digits form the actual membership number in your club. The first three numbers specify the country (049 = Germany, 041 = Switzerland, 043 = Austria, etc.) and the next four numbers are given by the German, Swiss or Austrian Golf Associations as they stand for the official club number. These are followed by the 6-digit number. For members, this represents the the member number.
Only Germany: Changes to the membership number AFTER an ID card order have as consequence that these members automatically lose their regional status on the intranet until a new ID card has been ordered!

:!: Please contact the Pcc Support team if you wish to enter a special membership number.

Academic title, name and salutation

The input field Title should only be filled with academic titles such as “Dr.”, “Professor” etc. “Mr.”, and “Mrs.” will be automatically defined based on the gender and do not have to be typed in.

Information about how to set whether academic titles should be printed in your competition lists or not can be found here.

In rare cases you might need to enter a special salutation to address your members (e.g. Sir, Baron or Baroness etc.), which can be done using the button Addr.(Pers.). You can edit the first and last name using the appropriate fields.

:!: If you wish to always address a member in a letter with, for example, „Dear Maria“, you can edit this as well:

Name affixes

Name affixes like „von“ can be entered either in front of the last name or behind the first name. PC CADDIE will automatically identify the name affix and will always process a correct salutation. The main difference will be the alphabetical order, as the names will be sorted under the letter “V” when the name affix “von” has been put in front of the last name.

If you put “von” in front of the last name but enter a colon in-between, the search abbreviation will be combined out of the last and first name as usual. This way you will have a clear structure with your search abbreviations, and also the complete name for all further documents.

There are two ways of entering compound names: if both parts of the name are parted by a hyphen the name will always be printed out completely. But if you enter “space hyphen space” ( - ) in-between, addresses will always be printed out with the complete name, whilst in lists (for example, the competitions lists) only the first part of the name will appear.


Handicap record sheet (Exact HCP)

The handicap must be entered as numerical value with comma in the Handicap record sheet. Instead of entering a number you can also use in “PE” or „PR“ for proficiency certificate.
Special features Germany
Special features Switzerland
Special features Austria.

The exact handicap of a guest can be checked via the Intranet (if the home club is located in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland). More details to the topic Intranet can be found here: Intranet connection.
The handicap can be simply entered in the corresponding field for other guests.
Master data for guests can only be entered if a there is a home club associated with the person (DGV Amendment 2017). If the home club is not available for selection, it must be created:
Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Import club addresses via Intranet
Manually enter a club for home clubs from another countries: Manually enter a club

:!: Another important entry option is „Pro“ for Professionals.

Record sheet (for members)

By clicking the button Handicap, a new window with the handicap record sheet will open. You can now view the handicap record sheet of a member or alternatively the list of competitions of your guests. More information on handicaps can be found here: Handicap record sheet.

Special HCP (for guests)

The button next to the handicap is titled Hcp special for guests and second club members (those who have to be checked on the Intranet). Clicking this button will give you the option to activate the feature Do not check hcp till above mentioned date (F6), to temporary switch off the checking.

If you have, for example, a tournament week with daily tournaments, the timely import of the handicap changes from the home clubs may not be possible (even the import altogether is impossible for the foreign players). Therefore, you can enter that the handicap should no longer be checked until the end of the week. The activation is automatically canceled after this time. This function is required only in exceptional cases.

Also important to know, the question mark will not appear anymore. This feature can be activated real quickly by hitting the F7, followed by F6, followed by Enter in the Hcp field. You don’t have to change in the date. If the date lies in the past, PC CADDIE will automatically change it to the next day.

Home club

You can enter the home club by either typing in the club number (in case you know it) or four letters of the golf club's name to activate the list of possible matching golf clubs. For the golf club Schwarze-Heide Bottrop-Kirchhellen you could enter „schw“, „heid“, „bott“ oder „kirc“ – either way the club will be found as long as its data is saved in the system. In some cases PC CADDIE will ask for additional information to determine which club you mean. For example, „sw“ can also mean „Schwöbber“.

If necessary, simply click the on the button on the right to open the list of golf clubs. The button allows you to directly edit the selected club. You can also correct the name or look up its address.

:!: For members who have specified a different club as home club (second member in the sense of the guidelines), enter the default home club in this field! As soon as a club is entered here, tournament results are automatically sent to it via the intranet. However, if you are managing a member's handicap, this field may be left empty.

You can enter a new golf club into the system by importing it. Open the following window by clicking Setup/Connect to the Intranet and then click the button Request club information:

In the next window you can choose the countries you wish to load the club information from:

Confirm your choice with OK and start the Intranet-Synchronization. PC CADDIE will now load all new club information. More about this topic can be found here: Load club data.

Another way to enter a new club into the system is via Setup/Clubs+Courses. Click New to enter a new golf club. More information to this topic can be found here: Clubs and courses.

List of a player's clubs

There is a new way to make lists of clubs for players who are a members of several clubs, so that the desired club is displayed (for example, for inter-clubs Team tournaments). This is possible even if the player has the handicap record at another club.

The player's home-club will be shown even for the quest players.

In the PC CADDIE people mask, the club where the player's handicap is maintained is displayed, as usually in the Homeclub field:

:!: Click on the + button to manually enter a new club and to check it in the Intranet.

:!: Check the box Print this club in lists if you want, for example, that this club appears for a player in the start list, even if he has the handicap record sheet at another club (for example for inter-club tournaments or team tournaments).

Home club-ID

The Intranet-Synchronization will load and save a players home club-ID into the players mask. With this identification number and the club number it is ensured that the player and his exact handicap can be identified.

Person characteristics

Use the following characteristics to exactly categorize a person. By clicking on a category-field you can open the drop-down list with all existing options. You can customize your selections under Setup/Program Options/Players Info Details. Please read the following Description.


Records associated with male/female are considered individuals. If you want to include hotels, companies, or clubs in the address file, please make sure you provide relevant characteristics. A person (owner, manager, etc.) can be associated with these entities using the Family summary.

Clicking the button with the down-facing arrow opens a drop down list where you can choose the correct gender.

You can easily enter your choice by typing the number of the needed gender on your keyboard. This will only work when the gender row is activated. For instance type 2 to choose “female”.

Have you made your choice from 3-8 (Company, Club, Supplier) the persons input mask will automatically change. These selections do not apply for individual persons. This topic is covered in more details in another chapter.

Age groups

The age group is determined based on the birth date, and automatically adapts as soon as the age limit is exceeded.

The Age groups should not be changed, as the given options are necessary for competitions and therefore the Intranet. If your club charges special fees (for example a membership fee for children up to the age of 16) you can define this option in the section membership fee type.

PC CADDIE offers you the following age groups options:

  • 1 - Child up to 12 years
  • 2 - Junior up to 18 years
  • 3 - Junior up to 21 years
  • 4 - Adult (women up to 49 years, men up to 34 years)
  • 5 - Young Seniors (only men from 35 to 54 years)
  • 6 - Seniors (women from 50 years, men from 55 years)

Membership type

Here you can select the appropriate membership.

The options to be selected for membership types can also be modified via Setup/Program Options/Players Info Details. As every Club offers a different range of membership types it could be necessary to adjust these options.

Membership fee

The membership fee is very important for invoicing. For example, the membership fee allows you to set different Junior age-groups, which are subject to different fees.

See Setup/Program Options/Players Info Details for more details on how to customize all the personal characteristics: gender, age group, membership type and membership fee.


Nearly all of the input field in this window can be configured by you. More information on this topic can be found here: Additional Info.

Playing rights

More information about the playing rights.

DGV-Membership-Card (or ASG-Card)

For new members

You can find the button for the DGV card (resp. ASG card) in the members' person masks (for all those that are highlighted in green).

The following window opens once you save the changes in the person mask of the new member:

If desired, you can enter here information about the admission fee. The article is then posted directly to account (pay attention to the accounts area!).

The options Note for next membership card order (F7) and Obtain player id automatically(F9) are set by default if the playing rights is dependent on the ID. Click OK to confirm your selections.

For existing members

Clicking the membership card button opens the following window:

  1. Checking this determines whether a member receives a card. Please remove the check-mark for passive members who should not receive a card.
  2. Checking this box causes that a new card will be order for this member the next time you place a card order (for example, for members that joint your club less than an year ago or members who have lost their card). If you select this option the membership card button will be marked with a star (as in the picture shown in the DGV-Membership-Card section). The option is automatically deactivated after the form for the card order has been submitted.
  3. If a member changes his status (for example from active to passive) you must enter here the leaving date.

Date of Birth

You also have the option to enter the date of birth. Entering the date will automatically adapt the age group. For members this field is mandatory.

:!: This information will be automatically downloaded from the Intranet for guests.


The field Entry will automatically put in the date on which a person has been entered into the system. You can change the date by simply clicking into the field and entering a new date (format: or ddmmyy or dd in case it is the current month and year).


If a member wants to leave the club you can enter the date of resignation in the field Resigned. Do not delete the membership type or the membership fee type. The following window opens as soon as you fill out the field Resigned and confirm with Save (F11):

Remove from family formation should be checked if a couple splits up and one partner is leaving the club. Now the family does not exist anymore. But if a child leaves the club it can still stay in the family formation, so make sure you un-check the box in this case. You can assign a new contact person to the other family members staying in the club. Enter the abbreviation for the new contact person. If there is no new contact person just leave it empty.
Remove direct debit details ensures that you can no longer create a SEPA direct debit with PC CADDIE for this person.
You can also choose a reason for resignation.
Using letter identifiers, for example „V“ for „deceased“ („Verstorben“ in German), allows you to filter based on the reason of resignation.

Activate the desired options and exit the dialog with OK or Enter.

If a member has died and you have chosen the reason „deceased“, the person is sorted at the end of your list of persons (after Z), and is marked with a black cross.

If you have accidentally selected „deceased“, you can double-click on the button „Deceased“ to change the reason for leaving.

:!: Should members already cancel their membership till the end of the year in September, you can already enter the date of resignation. PC CADDIE will consider them as members until the 31st of December and as guests after that.

:!: Create a person filter for lists of former members.

Date of resignation – only DGV

If you wish to change a member's type of membership to a type that makes the person only a member in your club (e.g. bridge club or tennis club or 6-Hole-Course-Member without a DGV membership) you should not fill out the Resigned field . PC CADDIE will automatically adapt the option Association member till…. You will find this option by clicking on the button membership card.

The following warning appears as soon as you change a characteristic into one that will not be uploaded to the intranet:

Confirm with OK and the date will be automatically set.

The button which was called membership card will now change into Leave. Double click the button and you can view the entered date.

This date is being processed to the DGV Intranet. This field is also filled automatically as soon as you enter a normal date of resignation of a member.

HINT: It is unnecessary to do both. All you have to do is decide whether a member is cancelling the membership in your club or cancelling a membership from the intranet. You can use this, for example, for shareholders: a shareholder could be given the membership type „only shareholder“ and therefore resigning from the intranet system.


As soon as you click the option 1st Addr. in a person's mask (or hit the Page down key) the lower half of the mask will jump to the next tab:

The fields Contact Person and Family status will be explained in more details under the topic Enter more family members. The field Function (Club) should be filled out with the function or position in the club that should appear on the DGV membership card, as this field is used for ordering the membership cards (for example, President).

Street, Postcode and Town don’t need explanation. But please note that PC CADDIE saves the town and area code for each postcode. So when you enter a postcode the cursor might automatically move to the Telephone field. Therefore, you should separate the area code from the phone number by entering a slash (“/”), for example, 0241/7402869. International country codes should be entered with a hyphen (“-“), for example, +0044-779/7654321. To enter a business phone number or business fax number, please use the next tab 2nd Addr. However, the field is also large enough to enter a second phone number right here (private mobile phone, fax).

PC CADDIE also offers the possibility to format all phone numbers into a consistent scheme. More information is available here.

Distance data

To view the distance (air-line distance) between your club and the address of a member or guest, you will have to load the geodata into PC CADDIE. Details on how to load the geodata from the internet can be found here: Load geodata

Show distance data

To view the distance between a member's address and your club, click the button next to the field Town:

The next window will show you the member's address as well as the reference address and the coordinates. The field Distance will show you the air-line distance in kilometers.

View address on map

You can see online a map depicting the address by clicking on the button „Address Coordinates“ from the bottom of the window:

This opens a map through OpenStreetMap where you can see the target area:

For more information on printing lists of persons including distance data can be found here.

2nd Address

Now we will take a look at the 2nd address. Either hit the page down key or click on 2nd Addr. tab:

Most of the things in this section are self-explanatory. But if you check the box Print with, the content in the field Profession/Dep. will be printed together with the person's address. So if you haven’t checked the box Mail address for the 2nd address, the content of the profession field will be printed with the first address. You might also use this field to enter other information like “Private”.

Activate Mail address if the mail should be sent to this second address. If deactivated, the first address will be the main address. Check the Invoice addr. box if invoices should be sent to the second address.

:!: Use the 2nd Addr. section to enter the business address or the holiday address of a member.

Exchange addresses

If the second address becomes the first address and vice versa then proceed as follows:
Open the person whose addresses are to be exchanged.

Hold down the Shift key and click on the blue globe located to the right of the location.
With this process the addresses are exchanged but not the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

It does not matter if you do this in the column of 1st address or the 2nd address. Please note that PC CADDIE cannot correctly interchange the addresses if a mailbox or a company/department is entered in the second address.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are also exchanged if you also press Ctrl.

:!: IMPORTANT: Change check mark for billing address and letter address in the 2nd address tab!


Leave the field Account holder empty in case the account holder and the person you are editing are the same. In any other case you can edit a different person as account holder. Start by editing the BLZ/BIC field - PC CADDIE automatically places your cursor into this field. Your entry will be checked if you use the tab key to move to the next field. If the system knows the BIN/BIC, it will automatically enter the bank name; otherwise you will have to enter it. Edit the account number in the next field A/C No./IBAN.

:!: If you enter an IBAN the system will automatically check it. It is absolutely enough to only enter the IBAN instead of the usual banking details, especially for foreign banking details.

Furthermore you can decide (for each person individually) whether you use Direct debit or Debit order. The debit order is a way to ensure that the withdrawal will not be objected and the payment charged back within the 6-weeks grace period. This way of withdrawing funds has to be signed by the payer and his bank. The simple direct debit authorization can be entered for all account categories or for specific ones.

Different methods of payment can be entered („Monthly“, „Quarterly“, „Bi-annual“ or „Annually“). This choice will be considered by the automatic fee-allocation. Leaving the field empty means the annual payment method is chosen by default. Printing a person list using the field <PAYMENT METHOD> will give you an overview of all the saved methods of payment.

If you have licensed the module Invoice by e-mail, you can check Send as PDF to this address: under Shipment, and enter the address where the invoice should be sent. This e-mail address can differ from the ones entered in the tabs Address and 2. Address, and will be used exclusively for sending invoices by mail.

The first time you activate the e-mail by invoice, you will be prompted with the usual query.

Or you can call it up any time under: Setup/Program Options/Options - Sales Tab

This wizard will help you to copy the e-mail addresses correctly into the payment tab.

The e-mail addresses are selected as follows:

1st e-mail filled - 2nd e-mail blank → invoices are sent to the 1st e-mail;

1st e-mail filled but with a „!“ in front - 2nd e-mail blank → normal e-mails sent - Invoice per e-mail remains empty;

1st e-mail blank - 2nd e-mail filled → invoices are sent to the 2nd e-mail;

1st e-mail blank - 2nd e-mail filled but with a „!“ in front → normal e-mails sent - Invoice per e-mail remains empty.

Exclamation mark (!) means that the e-mail address can be used only for newsletter shipping (supermailer)

Is a member paying the invoices with a credit card, simply fill out the fields Credit card, Card holder, Card number, Valid until and Verification Code.

SEPA / Details

Click on the button SEPA/Details you go to the SEPA direct debit mandate. This opens a dialog where you can also input a special bank account for the current account range.


Most of the fields in this section can be configured by you. More details can be found here: Additional information.


More additional details can be entered here. The Memo tab will be colored in red if there is anything saved in the memo-field. You can also print a list with the content of the memos using a special layout.

The Memo-field is the predecessor of the PC CADDIE module CRM\DMS.


Click Save after entering all the details.

The following pop-up window will appear, in case you entered a new member:

You can already set an admission fee. Click OK to close the window.

The following window appears after you clicked Save, and PC CADDIE will suggest the next sequential membership number:

Enter more family members

We will now take a look at how to enter additional members of a family. Click New and enter the first name of the family member (for example, the wife). In case the second name differs from her husband's name you will have to enter it too. Is it the same' you do not have to fill out the field. Click Copy (F6):

You will now be asked from whom you would like to copy the data. The person last modified will be suggested - the husband, in our case. If you wish to copy the data from a different person, enter the search-abbreviation. Now all details like the last name, status or address will be copied from the husband. You still have to carefully check all the details and make the necessary changes, for example, for gender, handicap, date of birth.

Family status

Enter an individual or the associated company in the field Contact Person.

Your next step should be defining the family status. Not only is this important for the sake of clarity, but also for letting the system know how to address the family (for example Mr. and Mrs. for husband and wife or Mr. and Miss for father and daughter). Another important status is 4-Contact separately. A family member with this status will be contacted separately when writing letters or printing address labels. The invoice for the membership fee will always include all family members unless you choose the status 5-Separate invoice. In this case all family members will be addressed together in letters, but receive a separate invoice for the family member with this status. This can be important for couples with separate account management. The status 6 - Separated should be used when each letter and each invoice is created separately for the family member.

:!: When dividing a family (because of a divorce or because a family member is leaving the club), it is important to start with the financial separation first and then finish the separation from the family formation, as the sales accounts can only be properly adjusted this way.

Entering a second club member

To enter a second club member choose the person from the list via the menu entry Persons/…new, change, delete:

Click the button Intranet and PC CADDIE will look for the matching person via ASG, DGV or ÖGV and load the data:

Confirm with OK. PC CADDIE will now edit the new membership number directly into the person's mask. Important: make sure that the field Homeclub contains the golf club that is responsible for recording the exact handicap of the player. You must enable the member's feature under the subscription status so that PC CADDIE identifies this person as a club member.

Entering companies and clubs

Click New (F9) to open a person mask. Select an option for Gender between 3 and 8. In our example we select 3-Firm, contact male. The appearance of the mask will automatically change:

Now enter the name of the company. Using the possibility of entering a firm as a Contact person for firm memberships can be quite handy. Enter the firm as the Contact Person for all the players of a company. This way you can get an overview of how many employees of this company are playing, and who they are. Annual membership fees and other revenues are performed individually for each player, and included in the joint statement of the company. You can still enter the department/position, if necessary. All other entries are the same as for individuals.

HINT: If you enter „Hotel:Sunshine“ as a firm, the search-abbr. will be “sun…” and not “Hotel”.

In another example, we opt for „5 - Club, Contact Male“. You can now easily fill the club data with address, phone number and e-mail by clicking on the button Copy. Type in the desired club number. PC CADDIE then enters the club name and the address data independently. You can now enter a contact name.

Copy personal data from a signature

Personal data can also be easily copied into the PC CADDIE person mask from a signature (from a website or e-mail). For this, the imprint or the signature must be marked and copied with the right mouse button:

Then open a new person in PC CADDIE and pass the copied data with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + v:

The following Dialog opens:

The copied data is on the left. To make the overview easier, the information already entered in the mask on the right is highlighted in green. In our example, the country is missing. Double-click on the line to complete or correct information, make your changes, and confirm with OK.

If an entry was not assigned at all, click on the corresponding line on the left, mark the destination of the entry on the right and insert the information via the „Assign“ button. Incorrectly assigned details can be deleted directly by double-clicking on the right side of the window.

Confirm the transfer of the data with OK as soon as all details have been entered. All lines activated with a tick will be transferred to PC CADDIE. Remove the check-marks corresponding to entries that should not be transferred. Now you just have to specify the gender of the person and save the changes.



The following window opens if you click on the Intranet button:

  1. Compare the person's data with the data available on the intranet, so that the IIS data is always up to date.
  2. Check whether the data stored in IIS is correct.
  3. Check that all tournament results match the master sheet in case there are differences between the Intranet handicap and that from the master sheet.
  4. Check, when (and if) the last card order was made.
  5. If necessary, check the external results of your member in the service portal.
  6. Make sure that the correct player ID is stored.
  7. Check the current handicap for members for which the HCP is performed in another club..
  8. Close the window without performing any action.

Guests - guest player

The following window opens for guests:

Always confirm the data transfer with OK.

If you close the window using the Cancel button the following window opens in case the details do not match the requested person:

If you are certain that the handicap is correct, choose the first option.

In case you are not sure, please click No, cancel.

You will get the following error message if the guests cannot be found in Intranet:

Guest player with home club in different countries

If a guest has a home club from Germany, Switzerland or Austria, the Club information is loaded via the intranet, and players with these home clubs can also be checked.
Exception: Persons with umlauts in the name (special German characters ä, ö, ü) who have an Austrian home club cannot be checked in Switzerland and Germany (international interface - as of May 2018).

Players with home clubs in Hungary, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein can also be checked on the intranet for handicap and date of birth. The procedure is the same as with all other guests.
However, it is necessary that in the guest information contains the original club number. Please refer to „Clubs and Places“ for more information.

Link to the club number: Clubs from Luxembourg, Bulgaria and Hungary

Persons matching via

Clicking on the GOLF.AT button for guests opens the „Search person“ window (see Point 2). The following dialog opens for members.

  1. Compare the person's data with the data available on, so that the data is always up to date.
  2. Check whether the data is correct. The name and handicap changes are are transferred to your PC CADDIE for second club members.
  3. Display the log-in data for the myGolf area. The password must be entered at the first log-in. This is no longer visible in PC CADDIE.
  4. Close the window without performing any action.

Pressing 1 opens the following window:

  1. The data is immediately sent to
  2. You can compare the data later via FTP Butler, should you edit multiple people at once.

Pressing 2 opens the following window:

You load the data from, immediately receiving the HCP from the home-club and date of birth.

Pressing 3 opens the following window:

Here you can see the ÖGV ID, card number and user name. The password is set by the member in the myGolf area of Press the button Retrieve data from (2) if you cannot see the data. You can immediatly send the data by email to your member (1), assuming an email address is provided.

Pressing 4 closes the window without performing any action.

Multiclub - 2 Club numbers

By „multiclub installation“ we refer to PC CADDIE installations that manage 2 club numbers in 1 database; i.e. although both PC CADDIE are started on one computer (which is already necessary because of the intranet configuration) all persons are accessible from both installations. However, you should always edit the customers in the version in which they are also members.
We want to explain some peculiarities here:

Persons overview

We are now working in the PC CADDIE installation with the club number 9001, this is our main version. All guests from both installations as well as the members of the club number 9001 are managed in the system with the number 9001.
Only 1 person is shown here with the club number 9059, which means that this is a member of the club with the number 9059, our 2nd PC CADDIE installation.

The following picture shows you the view in the PC CADDIE installation for the club number 9059. Here are all persons marked in red, except for the one registered with the club number 9059,.

Club change within Multiclub

Our sample CLUBS have the club numbers 9001 and 9056

  • Keep in mind: If you also want to determine past membership numbers, you should enter only one withdrawal date and completely create the member in the second club. In this case, also the master sheet must be downloaded from the intranet, as if the two clubs are, for example, 100 km apart.
  • If you change the details of an existing member, as described below, be sure to keep a copy of the member's statistics (as PDF, for example). This also has the advantage that you can save the current membership features.

Leaving the club 9001

If you want to keep the member's statistics up-to-date in PDF format and avoid having duplicate person records:

Work in the version in which the person is currently a member.
When a member leaves the Club 9001, you have to enter this information in the installation for the Club 9001.
Remove the Membership status from the member. This is different from „normal exit“ in which one enters only the exit date.

PC CADDIE automatically sets the exit date when saving, as usual, so that the person now looks like in the following screenshot. This way, the information that the member has left the club is automatically uploaded to the intranet.

Start intranet synchronization

Please start the intranet synchronization after entering the exit details, to forward the data to the association!

This is done automatically if the Intranet communication server is active!

Joining the club 9059

To enter Club 9059 (after leaving the Club 9001), switch to PC CADDIE Installation 9059 and open the person there. Give the member the new matching member status and remove the resignation date.
PC CADDIE then automatically switches the club number in the person's details. This is imperative to recognize that the person is now a member of the Club 9059.

  1. First, enter the member's characteristics;
  2. when you save, the window opens with the suggestion of a new membership number for CLUB 9059!
  3. If you want to receive the master sheet from the CLUB 9001, it is important that you enter the old entry date, in our example 2.6.14;
  4. confirm with „OK“
  5. only then will the club number be changed, as you will see shortly.

First, you will be prompted with the information regarding the master sheet. If you have left the entry date from CLUB 9001, the master sheet remains from the old entry date.

As soon as you confirm, PC CADDIE will retrieve the player ID from the intranet and change to Club 9059 membership number.

  1. Can you see it? The club number is changed now!
  2. The exit date still has to be removed
  3. You can adjust the entry date for the association (for Club 9059)
  4. Important: remove the exit date!
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