Operating the cash register: user interface starting with 2016

The main change is the creation of a head navigation with „customer / tables / sales“. This creates room for a large number of quick selection items in the sales mask - the most frequently requested improvement by many customers. The head navigation also results in more space in the customer mask, for example, for a directly displayed person picture as well as a clear table plan. Additional buttons in the head navigation for the timetable (direct in the cash desk view), and in the next version also to the online Table reservation display of PCCO, makes the new surface even more clear for specialized „golf gastro cash register“.

Please change to the register account area, for example, GASTRO.

Call the cash register via the button Cash register in the PC CADDIE toolbar or via Accounts/Cash register:

It opens a query window regarding which layout should be started; click New layout to start the new interface:

The opened cash window looks as follows:

Customer level

Here you can edit the previously selected Person or open the sales or clearing account, deposit credit or recharge Card. You can also change the table or split an item booking.

Select customer

At the bottom left of the box, enter your guest's abbreviation, full name, or even just part of the name, and the matching people will be shown to you. Another option is the button for the list function right next to it. If you have a magnetic card reader, you can pull through the magnetic strip of a DGV badge and the customer will be selected immediately. It works in the same way if you have a Mifare reader.

If the person does not yet exist in PC CADDIE, it will be created with Add new person. If you do not want to create the person, for example if you just sell them a cereal or chocolate bar, go to the button Direct sell. Alternatively, you can also go over the table and book directly on a table.

The table prompt opens after selecting the guest. Here you can either directly click on the table in the table plan, or access it via the button Enter number from the top left, and type in the number as usual.

If the table is selected, PC CADDIE changes to the sales view.
For creating the plan of the tables with the graphic editor.

Sales level

There are several possibilities for article selection in the input field:

  • Enter the article number of the article
  • Enter the name of the article or only part of the name
  • Button List function (F2)
  • Scan the item if here is a label with barcode

The article is immediately booked in the cash register after pressing OK. After selection, you can increase the number in the field Number, if necessary.

:!: We recommend the quick selection for exploiting the full potential of the new interface (see Quick selection in the gastronomy cash register).


Start the payment process by clicking the button Pay(F12). You have this button both at the customer level as well as at the sales level.

The payment window looks like this:

  1. Now you select the desired payment method by placing the cursor in the corresponding field, and the amount immediately appears. The payment methods available for selection in this payment window are defined elsewhere:Cash register - method of payment
  2. Set the receipt printing according to your wishes.
  3. The function Book as invoice into the account is explained in the next chapter.
  4. Print an interim billing without closing the payment process.
  5. Here you have the option to transfer the payment to another person. You will see the following window:

Enter the appropriate person to book the payment for this person.

Click OK to complete the payment process.

Book as invoice into the account

This function allows you to leave open postings in the accounts (OI-postings). The payment can be made later. If you click on Book as invoice into the account during the payment, you will see the following window:

Click OK to complete the booking.

If you later select this customer in the cash register, you will see the open balance in red color or a credit in green color, on the right side, above the payment button.

If you have a so-called OI-area set up, the booking will be automatically transferred to this area. Please contact PC CADDIE Support to set up this specific account range.

Book as tip

There are multiple possibilities:

1st possibility: A guest gives tip

For this you book the article (artikel) Tip in the cash register.

Selecting the article opens the following window:

Here you enter the amount that was given as a tip, confirm with OK and then click on pay.

2nd possibility: A guest pays his bill and gives tip

The guest has to pay 35,20 € and gives 40,00 €. Click on the button Pay. The following window opens. Here you enter € 40.00.

Click Ok and then Book tip.

If you don't see this button, it means that the article is missing in the basic settings of the cash register. So you have to go to the default setting. 1 - Button Administration, 2 - Cashier Register Settings, Basic Settings, Tip Booking Type: tip (select the corresponding article).

3rd possibility: A guest still has credit in the account, for example, because of the Food and beverage flat rates and wants to give the credit as tip

Book item Tip in the cash register as in item 1, enter the desired amount, and then click on pay. If the amount is billed to the account, the credit will be reduced and deducted from the cash receipts as EXPENSES.

The posted tip is always displayed on the daily closing.

Cancel article / wrong payment method selected

You can cancel an article reservation that is still in the cash register with the help of the button Remove (F5) .

You can only nullify a completed payment by means of a cancellation transaction in the cash register, if no daily closing has been created yet. Switch to the administration level in the upper right corner . Select Repeat / Cancel(F4). This window shows all the bookings made. Mark the booking to be canceled and click Cancel (F5), which brings you to the following selection:

The booking will be returned to the cash register for further processing after pressing Cancel payment and repeat the payment.

You have the option of canceling the item bookings (see above) and / or adding additional bookings.

Or if an incorrect payment method was selected, then you can start the usual payment process; the previous process is canceled.

Cancel articles after the day closing

Working with the archive button

As soon as a daily closing has been completed, all processes are completed and the button Repeat / Cancel is no longer available. You can reload the bookings to the cash register by pressing Archive.

After entering the customer and the invoice number, which you have to find out in advance from the account entries, the following window opens:

Press Reactivate invoice for cancellation to retrieve the entire booking back to the cash register. You can now cancel article postings. This is especially useful for event invoices, because you do not have to remember all the articles. The way to cancel only a few items is presented below.

Working with minus numbers

Another cancellation option is working with the minus sign, i.e., negative numbers. Choose again the customer in the cash register, book the article that you want to correct and enter the appropriate correction number with a minus as sign in the field for the number, for example, „-1“:

Confirm your entry with Tab or Enter. To complete the booking, select Pay out and the payment method in the payment window. Or Book as invoice into the account to get the following option:

Book as credit means the customer's account is credited with this amount.

Make a discount

You can use the button Edit (F7) to change the article for a booking, as long as the receipt has not been issued.

You can now enter a discount percentage, like 10% discount. Or change the unit price, for example make it 20 cents cheaper. Or you can also change the total price if you want to reduce the price if a certain amount or items have been bought. PC CADDIE asks for a reason for the price change after you press OK:

This will be displayed on your receipt. You will see the new item price in the cash register.

If the item is already booked or the guest gets a total discount of 10% on everything, select the button Discount when the payment is made.

The amount to be paid is calculated automatically when you enter the discounts. Press OK to complete the booking.

Split function

In restaurants, it often happens that all orders are first booked on a person or a table, and later split when paying. For doing this, use the Split(F6) button in the gastronomy cash register. You have it both at the customer level,

as well as at the sales level.

  1. Select a table number, a customer, or use the button To several for the persons already registered in the cash register
  2. You can now divide the total amount by a certain number
  3. or use the arrow keys to transfer the desired items to the previously selected customer or table

A query window opens in which PC CADDIE asks what number you want to repost or divide, in case there are two or more articles.

Transfer open tables or guests to another operator

You have the option of transferring your open tables or customers to another operator for a change of shift or after-work hours. Mark the table to be transferred and simultaneously press the SHIFT and F9 keys on your keyboard.

Then select the operator to which you want to transfer it. Repeat this with each table that is still open.

Administration level

Some functions/buttons can be disabled depending on user rights.

Here you can change your table plan, for example, to move your tables to their current position.

You will also find the accesses to the functions Repeat / Cancel, Cash-Out, Cash book, Cash register settings, Close cash register and Exit PC CADDIE.

Operator billing and daily closing

Working with the cash book

Press Cash book in the administration level to open the Cash book.

Open items booking

Edit quick selection

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